Monday, July 18, 2011

Proposal: Tic tac tic tac ...

Timed out 1 vote to 5. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 20 Jul 2011 01:18:32 UTC

Change the Rule “Altar of Mayhem” to

There is an Entity, the StickyBomb Dispenser, located at E5 and represented by the Icon “IconDispnsr.png”.
A StickyBomb is a small object that a single Gladiator is attached to. At any time, if there are no StickyBombs in existence, any Gladiator adjacent to the StickyBomb Dispenser may make a StickyBomb Post; this is a Story Post with a title containing “(Bomb)”. A StickyBomb Post should be sticky. A new StickyBomb is then created with that Gladiator attached to it.
Each StickyBomb has a Threshold that is a non-negative integer that is set to 10 upon creation of the StickyBomb.
The Gladiator attached to a StickyBomb may fob it off on another Gladiator in an adjacent Square who has not previously been attached to that StickyBomb. Fobbing a StickyBomb off to another Gladiator decreases the StickyBombs Threshold by 1. To do so, he posts a comment to the StickyBomb Post saying so and including the new Threshold of the StickyBomb. He ceases to be attached to the StickyBomb and the other Gladiator becomes attached to it. Once in each Turn it is determined wether or not the StickyBomb explodes, causing the Gladiator attached to it to die. This may be done by any Gladiator by comparing a random value between 1 and 10 to the current Threshold of the StickyBomb. If the random value is equal to or greater then the Threshold, the StickyBomb explodes. When a Gladiator attached to a StickyBomb Dies, the Gladiator who fobbed it off on him and the Gladiator who made the StickyBomb’s StickyBomb Post are each awarded a Frag and the StickyBomb ceases to exist; this should be noted in a comment to the StickyBomb Post.


This makes StickyBombs possibly go of once a turn, with the chances of it happening increasing every time the Bomb is fobbed of.


Prince Anduril:

18-07-2011 11:51:48 UTC

against I don’t really think this is necessary. I like the idea of the stickybomb in that it makes people think about how they use their APs more carefully - and gives people an incentive to hold onto them. If the bomb explodes on you under the current rules then it is your fault - as opposed to the random element which is introduced with this amendment.

Kevan: HE/HIM

18-07-2011 12:01:50 UTC

against A bit too random.


18-07-2011 12:43:06 UTC

Anduril: First I think that a rule that gives an incentive to not spend your AP will slow down the game resulting in less fun and more cautious waiting.
Second, I don’t think the current rule do give that incentive. If I fear that a sticky Bomb might be fobbed on to me, I do not need to save AP because before it explodes I can definitly refresh at least once, which gives me enough AP to reach at least a quarter of the arena, worst case.


18-07-2011 15:07:36 UTC

against since it doesn’t cover what should happen to the current StickyBomb.


18-07-2011 15:40:49 UTC

Idle FOR if two problems are fixed: It doesn’t say who determines the random number and when, and what coppro said.


18-07-2011 17:13:37 UTC

per Yoda & Coppro in principle FOR. Explosion check should be done by the gladiator how fobs it off, because he is active at the moment.


18-07-2011 19:44:06 UTC

Blacky: Actually, the explosion check happens at the turn boundary, not when the bomb gets fobbed off.


18-07-2011 20:35:59 UTC



18-07-2011 20:39:29 UTC

In that version yes, I would be in favor of a mechanism where the Gladiator who passes on the bomb has to do the check. If he fails it, he dies if not, the timer is decreased and the bomb is fobbed off.


18-07-2011 21:12:12 UTC



19-07-2011 09:57:12 UTC

Blacky: Your idea would only work if the current trigger also stays in place, otherwise a gladiator could just hold on to the bomb forever.