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Proposal: Time but not timing

Timed out/quorumed 7 votes to 0. Can’t do the last step because “A Jockeying Pilot may fire on a Bogey by making a blog post” didn’t exist in the ruleset at the time of enactment. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 06 Dec 2020 18:47:41 UTC

Add a new rule to the ruleset, called Time and Schedules:

Timed Actions are a type of action that occurs at a specific time. The entity performing the action does not have to be present for the attack to occur; once it has been scheduled it will occur at the specified time.

Any Timed Action should have, as part of its definition, the method by which its occurrence is scheduled. Once per day, Poindexter should make a Scheduling Post to the blog, confirming the Timed Actions that took place in the previous day, their impacts (evaluated in chronological order from oldest to newest), and detailing any Timed Actions that are due to take place in the forthcoming day. Any Pilot may then update gamestate tracking to reflect the changes of the previous day. If a Timed Action has no defined scheduling method then by default it may be scheduled by making a comment to the scheduling post detailing when it will take place.

Timed Actions may be staged. A staged Timed Action is effectively an atomic action, where each step takes place at its own scheduled time.

Rename the rule Pilots to Pilot Development and make it a subrule of the rule Shells. Rename the rule Shells to Pilots and Shells. Move the texts of the rules Mechanoids and Mechanoid Types to the end of the rule Mods and then repeal the rules Mechanoids and Mechanoid Types. Repeal the rules DEVAs and The Future Is Already Writen and all of their subrules, and enact a new rule called DEVAs as follows, with lines bracketed with three or four equals marks at each end (”===”, “====”) designating a new subrule:

Individual DEVAs exist. They may also be referred to as Bogeys once they have Emerged. All Bogeys are publicly tracked.

Each Bogey has statistics that are secretly tracked by Poindexter, that fall within the ranges for that DEVA’s sub-species. Whenever Poindexter has to generate a new Bogey, they should secretly randomly determine its Energy, Attack and Defence based on the published ranges, and secretly randomly determine whether it has any of the special features possible for its sub-species.

===DEVA Sub-species ===
There are various sub-species of DEVA, each of which has its own characteristics. Each sub-species of DEVA has a Designation (which is flavour text), an Energy range, an Attack range, a Defence range and a list of possible special features.

The known sub-species of DEVA are tracked on the Ansible Hangar page of the wiki.

The named Features of DEVAs, and those Features’ Reactions, are listed below (with the name in bold and the Reaction afterwards):-

* Deflector Shield. If the Fire Vector is smaller than the Bogey’s defense, the Bogey gains 1 defense, if this would bring the Bogey’s defense above the maximum it becomes the maximum instead and the Poindexter should add a comment saying that the Bogey’s shield has shorted out.
* Radiant Beam. If the Fire Vector is greater than the Aggressor’s Defense, the Aggressor’s Power is reduced by 10.

===DEVA Actions===
All DEVA actions must be Timed Actions. Poindexter is responsible for privately scheduling and tracking, and then publicly or secretly (as appropriate) carrying out, the actions of all DEVAs. To whatever extent is possible, Poindexter must generate and maintain any necessary information to map out the generation and actions of any DEVA for at least the next week. If a DEVA’s planned actions do not cover the full period of the next week then Poindexter should randomly generate new actions for it until the full period of the next week is scheduled with actions.

Generating DEVA Actions will require Poindexter to generate times for those actions (or stages of actions) to occur. Each DEVA action or action stage has a range of hours associated with it; when generating that action or action stage, Poindexter must randomly select a point within that range and set the time for that action or action stage to be x, where x is the set time of the action or action stage before it plus the randomly selected time from the time range.

Poindexter should detail all of the day’s scheduled DEVA Actions in each day’s Scheduling Post.

If a DEVA’s action can’t legally take place for any reason (such as an invalid target) then it is stunned and all subsequent actions on its schedule are delayed for 48 hours. If a DEVA’s staged Timed Action has a stage that is disruptable then any Fire Post targeting it during a disruptable stage (i.e. after the disruptable stage of the action has begun but before the next stage begins) then the entire Timed Action is disrupted and will not take place. If a Bogey is removed from play before any of its actions would take place, all of those actions are cancelled.

Available DEVA Actions are listed as subrules to this rule.

====Emerging from the Breach====
When Poindexter has created a new DEVA, the first item on its schedule should be Emerging from the Breach. Emerging from the Breach may not be selected as an action for a Bogey.

The time for the first stage is set relative to the time at which the DEVA is created. Emerging from the Breach is a staged Timed Action with the following stages:
* 0-24 hours: Gestating
* 24-120 hours: Emerging

Once a DEVA has completed an Emerging from the Breach action it has Emerged and becomes a Bogey.

The date and time upon which the next new DEVA will Emerge from the Breach is publicly tracked information.

====Attack a Civilian Target====
Time range: 12 and 72 hours.

====Attack a Military Target====
Attacking a Military Target is a staged Timed Action with the following stages:
* 0-48 hours: Travel
* 48-60 hours (disruptable): Prepare
* 60-96 hours: Attack

When attacking a military target is added to a DEVA’s schedule, a Jockeying Pilot must be secretly randomly selected as its target.

Whenever a Bogey’s attack on a military target is completed, Poindexter must, in the next Schedule Post, inform the Pilots that the attack has taken place and the Attack value of the Bogey who carried it out, which then becomes publicly tracked information. The targeted Pilot then loses Power equal to the Attack of the Bogey minus their own Defence.

In the rule The Battlefield, change

A Jockeying Pilot may fire on a Bogey by making a blog post that specifies a Bogey as its target, and an integer number from 1 to 100 as the attack’s Fire Vector. This is known as a Fire Post.

As an atomic action, the Poindexter may resolve the oldest Fire Post that they have not already resolved, as follows (where its poster is the Aggressor):

To read:

A Jockeying Pilot may fire on a Bogey as a Timed Action, which is scheduled by making a comment on any Scheduling Post that specifies a Bogey as its target, and an integer number from 1 to 100 as the attack’s Fire Vector, and a time for it to occur (which must be a time of the pilot’s choice between 18 and 72 hours after the time at which the comment is made). This is known as a Fire Comment and its poster may be referred to as its Aggressor.

This is an ambitious change so might be worth a close read (sorry).


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Josh: he/they

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Ooh nooo I made it too long and now noone wants to read it D:

Should I summarise it? It’s basically just about making it so that all actions are predetermined and don’t have to be specifically carried out, they just happen platonically at their scheduled times


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for I read it, I was just waiting to see what everyone else thought.


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