Sunday, August 13, 2006

Proposal: Time IS Money

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proposal: Time IS Money.
adding more actions for sale:

2.10.8 Time Barrier:
Requirements: atleast 10 points of influence
Action: the traveller can sacrifice 10 points of influence to create a Barrier that no one else (besides the traveller and eir companion) can pass for 3 days (except by using “marching time” or “very important ride”). using marching time to bypass a barrier depletes the bypasser from all eir influence points. a Traveller can place Barriers only in the tl and the ctl.

this action will be a chronocrime:

2.9.2 No Time Barriers

more actions for sale:

2.10.9 Important Ride
Requirements: atleast 10 points of influence
Action: sacrifice 10 influence points to teleport immidietly to anywhen as long as you don’t
pass a barrier.

2.10.10 Very Important Ride
Requirements: atleast 20 points of influence
Action: sacrifice all influnce points to teleport immidietly to anywhen.

2.10.11 Time IS Money
Requirements: both travellers (A and B) are in the same time and the same company.
Action: traveller A may sacrifice x points of influence to transfer x/2 (rounded down) to
traveller B.

i changed “the traveller can create a Barrier” to “the traveller can sacrifice 10 points of influence to create a Barrier”
same meaning, better wording…




08-13-2006 18:27:05 UTC

I don’t like the barrier part.  Too bad we don’t have line-item voting.


08-13-2006 18:41:20 UTC


Elias IX:

08-13-2006 18:47:26 UTC



08-13-2006 20:36:34 UTC

This is pretty neat.  I like the barriers—they require a permanent Influence loss to create, and only last 3 days (Real Days, btw!) so I doubt we’ll have much trouble with them.  The other actions compliment the barrier idea quite well, too, by encouraging teamwork to overcome the barriers in case of emergency.

I think it might even be fun to give Renegades a discount on creating barriers, and PRC members a token benefit to sacrificing all influence to “very important ride”.

I abstain until I get some time to scan for loopholes, though.

Kevan: HE/HIM

08-14-2006 01:47:28 UTC



08-14-2006 02:58:14 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

08-14-2006 06:46:45 UTC

Actually, the wording on this is a bit too obscure. I don’t know what “a Traveller can place Barriers only in the tl and the ctl” is trying to say, and it’s not clear how the barriers are actually being tracked (they’d work pretty well as a Node Event keyword).


Do like the idea, though.


08-14-2006 08:40:24 UTC

The language of the proposal is a bit sloppy.  I like all the ideas but I’d want to see a cleaned up version before giving it the thumbs up.



08-14-2006 10:32:14 UTC

kevan: i was thinking about placing 2 horizontal tags, and the name of the creator+real time in between.
for example:

creating in the tl, means you can create a barrier where you are.
creating in the ctl means you can create a barrier where your companion is.
if more travellers feel, like Thelonious, tell me so and i’ll make a new version.
even better if like kevan, you can name a thing ot two that bothers you.


08-14-2006 10:55:22 UTC

btw, the rules say: “A Traveller’s name may only be added as a keyword by that Traveller themselves”
but you can still remove some one else’s name-keyword, right?

Kevan: HE/HIM

08-14-2006 11:19:51 UTC

Horizontal lines are a good idea. It’s important to specify this in the rule, though, to make sure that everyone does it.

And yes, you can remove other Travellers’ names.


08-14-2006 18:03:57 UTC

against I also like it.  Since barriers occur ON the date (as opposed to BETWEEN dates), it might be seen as ambiguous as to whether you’ve actually _passed_ a barrier if your beginning or ending TL is exactly the date of the barrier.