Thursday, December 03, 2009

Story Post: Time Zone test

Test test testicles. REvising…
Changing categories.



12-03-2009 01:15:29 UTC

And it was 1:14. Hurray.


12-03-2009 01:16:45 UTC

That’s weird.. I can’t replicate it… Maybe it requires Admin intervention?


12-03-2009 01:18:47 UTC

OK, I can’t replicate it, but it’s a real effect. Any ideas?


12-03-2009 01:22:59 UTC

15:58 12/2 is when it claims I opened the “make a new post” window… which is right, but for PST. It took about 20 minutes to write, and then I accidentally hit submit instead of preview, and that’s borne out by the 4:20 PM 12/2timestamp for revision 1…


12-03-2009 01:25:59 UTC

Did you hit “today” on the timestamp before posting? That would do it if the timestamp was right for your timezone. Don’t ever click the timestamp.


12-03-2009 01:28:43 UTC

Nope, on that Proposal one, I never even went to the Date tab. I’m about to try it on this post though.


12-03-2009 01:30:04 UTC

That just moved the “post” time up to the instant that I pressed it. Now it looks as if this post was made AFTER all the comments. HEh.


12-03-2009 01:32:11 UTC

Aside from that, NOTHING would change the times listed in the revision tab… and that shows that you adminned it 6 minutes after I posted it, and that I killed it within 1 minute of posting it…

Can I assume you’re willing to agree that you didn’t admin it several hours ago? ;)


12-03-2009 01:33:19 UTC

I’m gonna go ahead and point out that it is technically a bannable offence to mess with the entry date section of a post, thanks to a possible scam I pointed out (but did not use) back in the day. So if you can’t replicate, don’t try to do so. It doesn’t really make a difference, as the proposal has no effect on gamestate, as it was illegal.


12-03-2009 01:34:42 UTC

Well, duh.

Also, note that whereas the entry date times come from when the tab was opened, the revision times come from when it was submitted. Fun fact.


12-03-2009 01:37:47 UTC

This is truth.


12-03-2009 01:38:05 UTC

I don’t really *care*, I was just curious as to why it happened more than anything, so that it didn’t happen again. It looks like it’s not easy to replicate, in any event, so I’ll chalk it up to a convergence of the planets or something.

I don’t suppose, on an unrelated note, I could convince you to admin the two oldest proposals? ;)


12-03-2009 01:43:43 UTC

Don’t care about bannable offences and curious? Not a good sign. Reminds me of early me. Careful there.


12-03-2009 01:44:48 UTC

NO! Not that I don’t care about the bannable part, I don’t care about fixing it (due to your point about it having no game effect).


12-03-2009 01:46:18 UTC



12-03-2009 01:47:17 UTC

Sidebar: is there a way to edit a post so that it’s not in a category? That’s what I was trying to do with those 5 revisions on that proposal. I couldn’t seem to get it right.. Story Post prepends as does Proposal (Null prepends Proposal… what’s up with that?) and I didn’t know the right way to “fix” it.


12-03-2009 01:54:51 UTC

If you put it in the “Notice” category, then it appears on the blog without a category in front of it.


12-03-2009 01:55:07 UTC