Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Proposal: Transportation Review

5-1.  Reached Quorum. Enacted by Excalabur

Adminned at 28 Sep 2005 21:54:34 UTC

Edit the first paragraph in the Transport rule to read:-

Countries may Transport some of eir Population from one Territory to another. Often, a Country may perform a Transport session which can consist of any number of individual Transport actions. The Country must announce each action which will take more than 0 periods by adding “(Transportation Type): (quantity of population), (amount of periods left) periods left” to the Territory, under “In Transit”. The Country’s population in the origin Territory is reduced by the quantity Transported from that Territory. If the quantity to Transport is greater than that population as it was at the beginning of the Transport session, the action cannot be taken.

And edit the last paragraph in Transport:-

For each entry of eirs In Transit, a Country may subtract the listed amounts of the Commodities needed for the Transportation from eir Commodities and subtract 1 from the amount of Periods of that entry. When the amount of Periods has reached zero, the Transportation is considered completed, that “In Transit” entry is removed and the control status and population of the target Territory is updated accordingly.

And finally in Transportation, lower the cost of Frontier Transportation to twice Basic Transportation, and lower Hostile Transportation to five times Basic Transportation.

Right now, long-distance travel over several non-controlled Territories can be done instantly by simply moving from one adjacent Territory to the next for 0 periods each move, instead of plotting out the whole path at one time and moving along Often. With these changes, only 1 Territory can be crossed per Transport Session. I noticed an interesting trade-off with the multiple period Transport: although it could be a disadvantage to commit to a multiple-day planned move, it has the advantages that the population in transit can’t be attacked and is invisible for Feeding requirements.



09-27-2005 14:58:38 UTC

Not that it matters, it costs more to transport them than it does to feed them anyway :P


09-27-2005 15:18:28 UTC

true, but you don’t have to pay off transport periods so that population could remain in limbo for as long as you want.


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