Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Declaration of Victory: Twas Not I who slew the Beast

More than Quorum voting for, 4-0. Enacted by Derrick.

Adminned at 12 Apr 2019 15:08:52 UTC

I have obtained and destroyed the Dragon’s Head, achieving victory.

I supported Card twice in order to assure victory. There is no stated limit on how many times an adventurer may support another adventurer. As it turned out, the dice were with us, and there was no need to take such precautions.



10-04-2019 22:33:40 UTC

for I suspected something like this might happen. Foolish me for trying to win honestly. /s

Tbh, kinda surprised card didn’t just claim victory himself. Or was it his idea to give it you?


11-04-2019 00:48:22 UTC

I was too far behind to have a realistic chance at victory anyway. I was trying to get a better one with some of my proposals but I’d need more time. This dynasty was dragging on a bit long anyway so I took derrick’s deal, since he’d probably ask someone else.


11-04-2019 01:04:28 UTC

Yeah, it was taking a bit. My plan was to gamble with the Fruity Horrors and hope for enough cherries that I could get the Dragon in one shot, maybe even buy some Fruit in town if the roulette table wasn’t agreeing with me.

derrick: he/him

11-04-2019 12:50:55 UTC

I was somewhat distracted for much of the game, and didn’t play the first round that 3 hunts a round were possible.

I should have fought the XP rule harder. Its utterly part of the genre, but grinding mechanics are usually a bad thing for blognomic.

I also dislike teamwork rules without a downside. Making teamwork too easy usually ends the dynasty with two middle range contenders cooperating.


11-04-2019 22:40:22 UTC

for The beast is slain! The king shall be quite pleased.