Friday, June 19, 2015

Story Post: UAGLephant in the Room (Bid Post)

“The Emperor is wise and gracious, of course!” the Attendant chuckles nervously, passing through column after column of ghostly light. “Never let it be said that I would suggest otherwise, praise be to the Imperial name! But with a vision so wide, through so many realms, it can be difficult to see the… potential… of the little things.” A pained smile. “Little things like our operation here. And, relatively speaking, me.

“This despite the vast potential we’ve unlocked in just a week of testing!” An echo rings through the space, past gigantic cylindrical tanks filled with grotesque half-grown limbs and spines, through the space between the reactor’s cooling pipes and massive insulated cables. “And with only two samples. Our knowledge increases geometrically with each new source of data. Why, within a month, we might be able to augment a living being to a level of power to challenge—oh, hypothetically—any being in any dimension…

The Attendant’s glance darts to one side (and up, so far up). “So you understand, mighty Kaiju, that it might be beneficial to everyone if this deal were to remain between us?”

Bids for the next set of Lab Tokens will now be accepted.



06-22-2015 15:30:12 UTC

Bidding is now closed. Sylphrena had the highest bid; Darknight and Kevan tied for second highest. I have decided to treat this as a regular three-way tie under the existing rules. This means that there were no unsuccessful bids, and I have increased the Prestige of every other Kaiju by NaN. Feel free to CfJ.

Sylphrena, Darknight and Kevan may now increase their Lab Tokens by 1 at their own convenience.