Monday, May 16, 2011

Uh. That’s still open, my friend.

The CfJ is still open, please revert it. Looks like we crossposted a little.



05-16-2011 17:17:52 UTC

Looks like we have a EE mess here…


05-16-2011 17:20:28 UTC

Actually, the CfJ platonically failed when it hit quorum AGAINST, regardless of the fact that it later lost quorum.  I encourage you to re-CfJ if you feel the result is unfair or incorrect.


05-16-2011 17:21:46 UTC

Err, right.


05-16-2011 17:22:42 UTC

Wow, CFJs do fail platonically, as well.

Also of note: if a CFJ ever reaches the conditions to pass, it stays as succeeded forever until someone admins it, even if all the votes go to AGAINST since.


05-16-2011 17:44:51 UTC

I don’t think that’s a major problem. Anyway, maybe we should discuss the DoV hare, if we get a mass CoV we won’t have enough place.

Ienpw III:

05-16-2011 19:40:40 UTC

I think both Bucky and Ais are incorrect here, unless I’m misunderstanding both of you. The ruleset says the following:

Unfailed CfJs continue until they reach a Quorum of FOR Votes, a Quorum of AGAINST Votes, or if there is no hiatus going on, until four days have passed since they were posted, and if there is a hiatus going on until two days have passed since they were posted. After this time, if more than half the cast Votes are FOR Votes, the CfJ may be enacted by any Admin by updating or correcting the Gamestate and Ruleset as specified. Otherwise, the CfJ fails. A Failed CfJ has no further effect.

My interpretation of the above is that once CFJs have a Quorum of either FOR or AGAINST votes they may be adminned at any time from then until forever.
However, the ruleset states “After this time, if more than half the cast Votes are FOR votes, the CfJ may be enacted… Otherwise the CfJ fails.” This means, I think, that if a CfJ had a Quorum of AGAINST votes it could be adminned at any time, but if between the time it reached that Quorum and the time it was adminned enough people changed their votes to make it have a Quorum of FOR votes it could be enacted, and vice versa.


05-16-2011 19:46:54 UTC

Unfailed CfJs continue until:
they reach a Q!uorum of FOR Votes
they reach a Quorum of AGAINST Votes
or 2/4 days are gone.

It may then be enacted. If there’s not enough FOR’s, it fails.
Failed CfJ’s don’t enter the “Unfailed CfJs” Cathegory.
I think Bucky is right


05-16-2011 19:47:15 UTC

@Ienpw III: I’m interpreting “After this time” as “at this time”, although I’m aware that it could also be interpreted as “At any point after this time”. Our rules, even the core rules, are really quite shockingly ambiguous, often.


05-16-2011 20:47:25 UTC

Actually, the whole point is moot because 2 days had already passed and less than half the votes were for.  Remember, we’re in a hiatus.

Ienpw III:

05-16-2011 20:55:08 UTC

Well, sure, but I was talking generally.


05-16-2011 20:59:55 UTC

There. I changed the admin message so it correctly reflects the vote count and the fact that it timed out instead of reached a quorum.