Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Proposal: Unique Items

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 24 Jan 2018 18:22:35 UTC

Add to the list of Supplies the following:

- Keys to the K-Van:  Unique. While you have this item, you can transfer one of your items to any other Resident.
- The Mabaro Axe:  Unique. If this is in a hand slot the User may take a Craction to hit another Resident on the head for 1 damage.
- Pine Tree of Q: Unique. This special Pine Tree provides you with a portable hiding spot. Those with less Alertness than you cannot attempt to attack you (for example, using a Crowbar or the sort against you).
- Credit Card:  Unique. Consumable. This item becomes a non-Unique Supply of your choice upon use. 
- Poke:  Unique. Consumable. Delicious Hawaiian salad. Gain 5 Health upon use.
- Keys to the derrick: Unique. ASAP after taking a Supply from a Crate, you can remove that Crate post from play entirely by making a comment at that Crate for this purpose. Can only be used twice.
- Becko™ Dye: Unique. Consumable. This amazing hair dye will allow you to look just like your favorite celebrity - or anyone else! Upon use, set everyone’s Stance towards you to be the same as they have to a Resident of your choice.
- CuddleBean™: Unique. Consumable. Oxytocin drug for palliating autism. Gain 5 Alertness upon use.

Add to the “Supplies” rule:

Only one instance of a Unique item can exist in play at any given time. If a Unique item would be spawned into a Crate while an instance of that Unique item already exists, it is re-rolled to be something else.



23-01-2018 17:59:00 UTC



23-01-2018 18:08:02 UTC

Not sure I like derrick’s item, potentially removing items for everyone else twice seems excessive.  imperial


23-01-2018 18:25:28 UTC


Kevan: Oracle he/him

23-01-2018 21:17:17 UTC

imperial Abstaining on this as it’s pure gameplay and I’ll deliver whatever you want, but this does seem like a big advantage for the higher Alertness players.


23-01-2018 21:48:11 UTC

arrow  against


24-01-2018 00:15:28 UTC

against CoV since Kevan abstained


24-01-2018 03:37:04 UTC

against Since Kevan revealed the secret salt of the proposal.


24-01-2018 03:37:36 UTC

And it was going so well! Aaajewioejqiojeqoe