Friday, July 18, 2008

The Test

One minute, you are sitting comfortably in your homes.  The next, you are standing in the middle of a massive circular room with a high vaulted ceiling, stone walls, and cobblestone floors.  The walls are riddled with wooden plank doors with metal frames, each inscribed with the name of a different Adventurer.  And so the adventure begins…


Amnistar: he/him

10-07-2008 22:43:06 UTC

Amnistar sits in the corner of the tavern eyeing the patrons.  He’d escaped from prison only a few days ago and it was likely that the guards were still looking for him.

It’s not his fault he attacked the King.  The king was wearing a red hat on Sabbath, and red hats on sabbath are a sign of Dark Forces.

That’s what the voices told him at least.


10-07-2008 22:48:43 UTC

Since I am currently unable to make proposals (thanks, clucky), can someone please make a proposal that sets up a wiki page for Adventurers to keep their descriptions and future skill levels?

Amnistar: he/him

10-07-2008 22:50:46 UTC

Perhaps call it…character sheets?

Clucky: he/him

11-07-2008 00:13:55 UTC

Thank yourself Yoda. I didn’t write the rule, you did. Not my fault you can’t write a clearer rule.

Amnistar: he/him

11-07-2008 00:30:45 UTC

Lol.  Friendly game guys :)

arthexis: he/him

11-07-2008 02:06:26 UTC

Arthexis is a Wizard. Rejoice.

Amnistar: he/him

11-07-2008 02:50:10 UTC

Is he perhaps…a Lizard Wizard?

Darknight: he/him

11-07-2008 07:47:18 UTC

i’ll be a cleric. that way i can not heal that what be evil. *cough*rodlen*cough*

Darknight: he/him

11-07-2008 07:48:01 UTC

plus i’ll open my door too lol


11-07-2008 15:54:45 UTC

Please pm me if you wish to open your door or take some other action.


12-07-2008 11:38:19 UTC

Will all of the action of this Dynasty take place in PMs?


12-07-2008 13:56:11 UTC

No, occasionally I will choose to reveal some actions, such as this one:

Rodlen, Darknight, Amnistar, and Oze are seen standing in front of their doors.  Rodlen, Darknight, and Oze seem to be somewhat confused and befuddled while Amnistar seems to be just standing there staring at the door.


12-07-2008 20:08:04 UTC

Clucky is also seen standing there staring at his door.


12-07-2008 20:51:39 UTC

Amnistar walks through his door.  He is the first adventurer to complete this task.

Clucky: he/him

12-07-2008 23:15:15 UTC

Apparently I’m supposed to tell you guys stuff…

if you are having trouble getting passed the door, I’d suggest looking closer at things. You might not have seen everything at first glance. =)


13-07-2008 01:47:16 UTC

Clucky also walks through his door.


13-07-2008 08:39:31 UTC

I float around a bit until I figure out what it going on.


14-07-2008 16:52:35 UTC

Darknight walks through his door.


14-07-2008 19:39:52 UTC

Rodlen walks through his door.


15-07-2008 01:55:12 UTC

Let me just say this one thing:

Please stop trying to go through other people’s doors.  It will not work even if that person has already gone through their door because the door closes behind them.


15-07-2008 01:58:21 UTC

Yoda, may you please update our test results on the GNDT?


15-07-2008 02:01:54 UTC

Sure, I was kinda waiting to propose getting skill points when you pass the test, but I guess I can just add that to the proposal.


15-07-2008 02:05:30 UTC


Clucky: he/him

15-07-2008 03:07:48 UTC

Like I said guys look closer. Everything you need is right on your door, you just might not see it at first glance.


15-07-2008 04:21:18 UTC

I have yet to successfully look at my door.

Darknight: he/him

15-07-2008 22:50:49 UTC

Think as this as looking at the fine print on paper


16-07-2008 01:27:10 UTC

A low, rumbling noise is heard, the ground begins to shake, and the whole room is filled with an earthshatteringly baratone, booming noise.  The noise suddenly stops and you look up just to see Chivalrybean flying up near the ceiling laughing hysterically. =D


16-07-2008 19:36:39 UTC

Dustin walks through his door.


17-07-2008 03:58:11 UTC

As Dustin walks through his door, Bucky runs up to try to follow him through, but the door slams shut on Bucky’s little gnome foot.  He tries to contain his agony, but just can’t help letting out a cry of pain as he pulls his foot out from the door.


19-07-2008 23:28:11 UTC

I am going to go ahead and unsticky this post.  I have put a link to this page from the Quest Journal for those who have not completed it yet.


20-07-2008 23:05:25 UTC

Chivalrybean walks through his door.


22-07-2008 15:03:57 UTC

Oze and Devenger walk through their doors.


23-07-2008 01:58:07 UTC

Bucky walks through his door.