Friday, November 06, 2009

Proposal: Watch out, that Rune’s live!

Passed, 8 to 1. Josh

Adminned at 08 Nov 2009 11:42:48 UTC

In the Rule entitled “Runes”, change the text

A Rune may be referred to by its Value.  A sequence of Runes may be referred to by the sequence of letters corresponding to the Values of its component Runes.


A sequence of Runes has a Value that is the sequence of letters corresponding to the Values of its component Runes. A Rune or sequence of Rune may be referred to by its Value.

A Rune Chain is a sequence of consecutive Runes.

Add a new Rule to the Ruleset.  Call it “Spellcasting” and give it the following text:

There are a number of Spells, listed in this Rule and its subrules.  Each Spell has one or more Activation Sequences, each of which is a Rune sequence containing one or more Vowels and no Damaged Runes.  Each Spell also has an Effect. 

Any Apprentice whose Workbench contains a Rune Chain that has the same Value as a Spell’s Activation Sequence may Cast that Spell.  Upon doing so, he must select one such Rune Chain, change the last Rune in that Rune Chain to a Damaged Rune, then perform the Spell’s Effect.

No two Spells may have the same Activation Sequence.  A spell cannot be Cast if its Effect could not be performed.



11-06-2009 18:21:19 UTC

for I still think you should be allowed to damage any rune, not just the last one. Or maybe it should be random!


11-06-2009 18:47:37 UTC

against Doesn’t seem fun enough to justify all the restrictive framework.  I want lots more flexibility in how to set the right cost for various spells.  “Runes must always appear consecutively” and “The last rune always becomes damaged before the effect happens” do not appeal to me.


11-06-2009 19:02:20 UTC

A Workbench consists of ABCDEF.  Does that Workbench contain the Rune Chain EDC?


11-06-2009 19:07:32 UTC

@Hix: See the “POPPPPPP” example for why I want a consecutive subsequence.  As for flexibility, being able to have more than one sequence of a spell makes up for most of it, since spells can have activation sequences like “Any sequence of the form PO?T, where ? is a single non-Damaged Rune”.

You can also have Effects like “Also, any rune that was damaged during this spell’s casting becomes ‘T’.”  I just want damaging the last Rune to be the default.

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