Saturday, February 24, 2024

Proposal: We are the Anvil, awaiting the Hammer’s strike

Timed out and failed, 1-2. Josh

Adminned at 27 Feb 2024 07:09:39 UTC

Create a rule called “The Anti-Monstrous War,” which reads:

Each Vassal has a War Participation, publicly tracked as a percentage of their War Contributions relative to the Defense of the Homeland.

The Defense of the Homeland, publicly tracked on the Gartenberg wiki page, is the total sum of all Vassals’ (including idle Vassals) War Contributions. When a Vassal Contributes to the War Effort, their War Contributions are increased by an amount based on the following:

*+4 per Structure they have
*+2 for each Structure they have of at least Medium Size
*+3 for each Structure they have of at least Large Size
*+6 for each Structure they have of at least Gargantuan Size
*+2 times that Vassal’s Reputation

Add a subrule of that rule called “The Final Advance,” which reads:

Once the Defense of the Homeland has reached a value of 250, the Final Advance is ready.

If a Vassal has a War Participation of 50% and the Final Advance is ready, that Vassal has achieved victory.

Immediately preceding the final step of the Fortnight action, add the following step:

*For each Vassal, Contribute to the War Effort

In the Charge Wave atomic action, replace the step starting “If the Emeny’s strength is less than Defense” with:

*if the Enemy’s Strength is less than Defense, add the Enemy’s Strength to the Vassal’s War Contributions, then subtract the Enemy’s Strength from Defense and set the Enemy’s Strength to zero

In that same action, replace the step starting “add the sum of the Strengths of all Enemies” with:

*add the sum of the Strengths of all Enemies in the Wave to the Vassal’s Damage, then subtract that sum from the Vassal’s War Contributions

With what seems to be the core gameplay loop established, I believe it time to start thinking of victory conditions



25-02-2024 13:17:18 UTC

against You got to much building going on already.


25-02-2024 18:45:40 UTC


Josh: Observer he/they

26-02-2024 07:49:00 UTC


Josh: Observer he/they

26-02-2024 16:10:10 UTC

CoV against

I really do like the idea but 250 is too low, in the sense that we’re going to have Defence of the Homeland at over it after the next Herald post based on current gamestate. Rather than have the dynasty end prematurely we probably need to take another swing.