Saturday, March 18, 2017

Proposal: We can’t all be neurotypical, Karen

Reached quorum 7 votes to 0 with 5 “reset please"s. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 20 Mar 2017 21:08:25 UTC

Add to the end of the “Satisfaction” subrule of the “Moods” rule:

If a creature has a Satisfaction Level of Depressed, Organs must consume twice as many nutrients as stated in order to perform actions described in the Anatomy rule.

Add “Procreation Drive” to the list of moods in the “Moods” rule.

Add the following to the end of the bullet point beginning with “Egg Sack” in the “Anatomy” rule:

Laying an egg cluster fulfills Procreation Drive.

Add the following to the end of the bullet point beginning with “Choanocyte” in the “Anatomy” rule:

Fertilizing an egg cluster fulfills Procreation Drive.

Replace the last paragraph of the “Moods” rule before the “Satisfaction” subrule with

If an action fulfills a mood and that mood is not the highest or tied for highest of that creature’s mood’s, or all moods are zero or less, then the organ’s creature’s satisfaction level decreases by 1.

Set Procreation Drive to 0.

If the majority of comments on this proposal containing valid votes also contain the text “reset please”, set all Moods whose value is less than 0 to 0.

Everything’s harder when you’re depressed.  Adds incentive to become a Gland and increase moods.  Also should make it harder to spam actions, should that become possible in actuality, since either the creature will quickly become depressed and require twice as many nutrients (and egg laying becomes impossible), or the spammer will have to spend some nutrients becoming a Gland and increasing appropriate moods anyway.



03-18-2017 22:20:05 UTC

waiting for other comments before voting, but this one is really good.


03-18-2017 22:26:01 UTC

Also, what is the title reference? A movie quote, I presume?

Oracular rufio:

03-18-2017 22:36:32 UTC

I don’t know if this is actually a quote from Mean Girls, because I never actually saw it, but I suspect it has something to do with Mean Girls.  It is generally posted as a picture of this cake:   I don’t know the whole story behind the cake, I just know how the meme is usually used.

Oracular rufio:

03-18-2017 22:44:47 UTC

Ack, sorry, that was really big.


03-18-2017 23:48:11 UTC

for reset please. Also for for cake.


03-19-2017 00:06:59 UTC

for reset please


03-19-2017 18:41:05 UTC

reset please for


03-19-2017 21:23:26 UTC



03-20-2017 13:38:37 UTC

for duplicate, but this time, reset


03-20-2017 14:18:08 UTC

for and “reset please”.


03-20-2017 17:47:36 UTC

for duplicate duplicate. crap, I have to say “please”. “reset please”