Thursday, September 08, 2011

Proposal: We can’t just sleep three times a month.

Illegal proposal from Ely, who already had two proposals pending. Invalidated by Kevan.

Adminned at 08 Sep 2011 03:35:47 UTC

Change the subrule “Eating and Sleeping” under the only Rule that has a subrule with that name to:

If a Survivor is carrying an Edible Item, they may take a bite from it by setting the day on which they last Ate to the current date.

A Survivor may Fall Asleep by setting the day on which they last Slept to the current date. When a Survivor Falls Asleep, he increases his Sanity by the number of times he has been Exhausted since he last Fell Asleep, but anyway not by more than 2. If the day on which a Survivor last slept is today or yesterday, any Survivor may, as a daily Action, move one Item from the possession of that Survivor (other than a Pocket) to their own.


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