Sunday, August 13, 2006

Well, since the last one wasn’t official…

Continuum Jump to 1/1/1. (First action, before swirling)
Continuum Swirl the Focus Date to -252/1/1. (...okay?)

Now I make a Node Event:

In Rome, silk first appears, but before it can be traded to the local merchants, Elias IX takes some and dyes it with his blood. Everyone is in wonderment at this new soft material and its rich, deep, red color.

Keywords: [Red] [Silk] [Italy] [Blood] [Elias IX]



08-13-2006 20:45:56 UTC

Presumably this is part of the “secret plans” for your resurrection?  It seems pretty elaborate!

/me grabs some popcorn, sits down to watch the drama unfold.