Friday, April 01, 2022

Call for Judgment: What exactly is an output?

Timed out and enacted, 6-0 .Josh

Adminned at 04 Apr 2022 11:43:04 UTC

There is an ambiguity around the outputs of Functions of the Probulator. Specifically, it is not clear whether it’s the function’s definition’s forecast output that gets updated or whether it’s the material’s function’s output that gets updated.
Therefore, in the descriptions of all functions that are listed in Probulator Operation on the ruleset page, change their wording in their definitions from “Forecast output” to “Default Forecast output”. The outputs in the BlogNomic Research Lab are not to be altered in this way.
Furthermore, if any of the default forecast outputs were changed through Using a material, revert those changes to the default. The actions still retain their legality as if the changes had been done instead to the outputs in the Blognomic Research lab and if the outputs in the Blognomic Research Lab need to be modified to reflect this, do so.


Josh: he/they

02-04-2022 09:36:13 UTC


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Thunder: he/him

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Roujo: he/him

03-04-2022 22:40:58 UTC