Monday, March 30, 2009

What I’ve been up to…

Since I am currently studying computer science, I have undertaken a small pet project related to Blognomic.  Some will probably remember my first dynasty (the RPG dynasty) and how it ended rather abruptly.  Well, I am currently working on an adaptation of the First Dynasty of Yoda as a text adventure.

As of right now, I only have the “First Test”, but I am almost finished with the game mechanics (attacking, equiping items, etc.), so hopefully I should be able to start working on the actual story soon.

If anyone here would like to help test what I have so far, the help would be greatly appreciated.  I am especially looking at whether the puzzles are too difficult or too easy.  If you are interested, you can download the file here.  The file is a .z8 file, which means you will need some kind of z-machine (e.g. Windows Frotz) in order to play it.  You should be able to easily find a free download on the internet.  Let me know if you have any problems finding a z-machine.

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.  You can pm me or just comment to this post if you have any questions or comments.



03-30-2009 20:13:24 UTC

To get emails…


03-30-2009 20:32:41 UTC

Nice. I occasionally rattle at people that it’d be good to try an Inform-based Nomic (like a less-automated Perlnomic), but there’s never quite enough people in the middle bit of the Venn diagram.

The puzzle box has me stumped, and the candles seem a bit less interactive than they maybe should be (“candle” and “candlestick(s)” aren’t recognised as nouns), but I wasn’t around for the original dynasty, so maybe I’m missing an obvious reference here.


03-30-2009 20:37:08 UTC

Actually, the puzzle room was not in the original dynasty.  That was added.

As for the candles, simply the plural “candles” should work.


03-30-2009 20:38:07 UTC

Like I said, though, I’m really just testing the difficulty of the puzzles.


03-30-2009 20:40:37 UTC

And, yes, I think an Inform-based nomic would be a great idea.  In messing around with Inform, I actually had that same thought.


03-30-2009 21:38:45 UTC

I have just updated the file to fix the candle problem.


03-31-2009 06:25:03 UTC

I’ve been having to do a javascript (using ajax for good measure) text adventure myself…


03-31-2009 19:43:44 UTC

I once made a short text adventure based on the First Metadynasty of Rodlen.

Also, is this made in I7 or I6?


03-31-2009 21:20:52 UTC

I’m stuck on the first puzzle. I know what to do (I need to ask someone to open the door), but I’m stuck in Guess-The-Verb.


03-31-2009 22:05:01 UTC

This was made using I7.


04-01-2009 21:59:18 UTC

Just made another major update.  The puzzle room should now be quite a bit easier.