Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What’s your platform?

To all current Clan Lords, or to anyone who has ambition to someday become one:  Why should I support you?  What can you do for me?  What do you ask in return?  Why shouldn’t I make a proposal right now to replace you with someone more worthy?  You may not have any duties or responsibilities at the moment, but you do enjoy an honor bonus; do you deserve it?  etc.



22-10-2008 22:49:54 UTC

Hello.  I, Rodlen, want to be a clan lord.

You should support me because I am one of those good, hard-working volunteer admins.  I can do clan lord stuff for you, as well as help as an admin.  I ask for nothing in return.  I deserve an honor bonus, of course.


23-10-2008 02:32:15 UTC

Well, with that reasoning, arthexis, Clucky, Kevan, Oze, and Rodney should also be made Clan Lords and Qapmoc should be revoked of Clan-Lordship.  Besides, you had your chance, but you voted against the proposal for a reason that was completely unfounded (as Rodney pointed out).

arthexis: he/him

23-10-2008 05:31:59 UTC

You bring a good point to the table, though: I would like to be a Clan Lord, but only if other Clansmen would propose me for that position. I think I can help solving duels, at least.


23-10-2008 15:10:19 UTC

I’m a Clan Lord because my dragon could inflict 150 damage in a single turn.  If you have beef with that, take it up with the dragon.

And I would like there to be one more clan lord, I’m just not sure how to do it fairly.


23-10-2008 17:35:14 UTC

I think a proposal with just the Clan-Lord adding engine of the original proposal would work, and be fair.