Sunday, April 11, 2010

Proposal: Will Mine For Food

Reached quorum 10 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 13 Apr 2010 03:00:35 UTC

Add a new rule, “Hunger”:

Each Colonist has a statistic called Hunger, which is tracked on the GNDT. New Colonists start with 0 Hunger. As a weekly action, the Expedition Leader may increase each Colonist’s Hunger by 2. If a Colonist’s Hunger is 4 or more, he is Starving. When a Colonist’s Hunger reaches 7 or more, he dies.

Add the following items to rule Constructions:

* Build Table. A Colonist may spend 5 Energy and remove 2 Wood from the Stockpile to place a Table on a square of Dirt on or adjacent to his location.
* Build Kitchen. A Colonist may spend 15 Energy and remove 10 Wood and 5 Rock from the Stockpile to turn a 3x3 square of Dirt, centered on his location, into a Kitchen. When a Kitchen is pulled down, the entire 3x3 square is turned into Dirt.

Add the following items to rule Tasks:

* Cook Meal. This can only be performed by a Colonist who is Indoors and in a Kitchen. The Colonist may spend 10 Energy to remove 2 Food from the Stockpile and add 1 Meal to it.
* Eat. The Colonist may spend 5 Energy and remove 3 Food or 1 Meal from the Stockpile to decrease his Hunger by 1. If a Colonist adjacent to a Table consumes a Meal, he may decrease his Hunger by 2 instead.

Add the following items to rule Jobs:

* Cook. A Colonist who has peformed the Cook Meal task three times in one week may become a Cook. A Cook may add an additional Meal to the Stockpile whenever he performs the Cook Meal task.

Create a Hunger column in the GDNT and set each Colonist’s Hunger to 0. Add ‘k Kitchen’ and ‘a Table’ to the legend of the Settlement Map as Empty Locations.



11-04-2010 11:49:10 UTC


I tried to avoid something like “As a weekly action, the Expedition Leader may increase each Colonist’s Hunger by 2” in my Food proposals, but I am ok with that…


11-04-2010 11:51:42 UTC

Well, there is a possible scam: You are allowed to decrease your Hunger by 1, even if your Hunger is zero. Your Hunger would‘t become -1 then, because of the Glossary. So you could remove (almost) all Food from the Stockpile, if you want to do so.

I assume nobody does this, because it costs lots of Energy, but this needs fixing…


11-04-2010 13:42:52 UTC



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11-04-2010 18:38:47 UTC

The job may be a bit overpowered, since it basically turns 2 Food into 6 Food. I’d like to see the numbers on food production so I can compare, but the wiki’s down, and I’m too lazy to look through the blog archive.

Also, “pulled down” is a weird wording, but since I don’t think we have rules governing deconstruction yet, that’s not actually a problem.

I’m going with imperial until the wiki’s back.

Oracular rufio:

11-04-2010 19:36:58 UTC

Last I checked, the food in the stockpile was 60+, there are three different ways to acquire food, a dedicated set of hunters alone can pull in 8 food a day, dedicated agriculture will result in 15 food a week per crop, and fishing is limited only by Energy costs.


And more the better if the Emperor wants to increase everyone’s Sobriety each week too!

Roujo: he/him

11-04-2010 20:33:39 UTC


Darknight: he/him

12-04-2010 01:10:15 UTC



12-04-2010 04:29:00 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

12-04-2010 16:39:58 UTC