Saturday, March 14, 2009

Proposal: Word Count.

Self-killed -Darth

Adminned at 16 Mar 2009 13:17:41 UTC

My proposition is to increase the word count of a script to 50,
so as to enable more elaborate descriptions within scripts, without so much the worry of overstepping the word limit,
where the current rules say:

a Script (a text summary of the scene which cannot exceed 25 words)

In my proposal, there would be a seperate rule, 2.2.2, explaining scripts more fully, and replacing the 25 word limit with 50. Splitting the Acts section thusly, there will also be the need for 2.2.1 Titles and 2.2.3, Body Count.

2.2.1 Titles:
Titles contain a maximum of 5 words, and in some way relate to the script of the scene
2.2.2 Scripts:
Scripts are the section of the Scene creation where scripters show their part of the act, showing how they reached their body count, perhaps with some flair, but being wary of a 50 word
limit on the length of scripts.
2.2.3 Body Count:
The Body Count shows how many have died and/or been killed within the script. The Bodies statistic of a Scripter who creates a Scene increases by the Body Count of the Scene they create. Scripters are encouraged to write a script that reflects the Body Count they have rolled.



03-14-2009 22:24:59 UTC

against Okay, I realise there are better ways to phrase this proposal, and most of my proposal had no effect on the other rules, so it will also be shorter.


03-15-2009 04:00:23 UTC

Don’t feel bad about a somewhat off kilt proposal. We all muck up the first few we make


03-15-2009 07:04:31 UTC



03-15-2009 18:55:51 UTC

Yeah. My first was a victory condition which didn’t check for ties.

If I recall correctly, it was titled “A Way to Win” and it was made in the Second Dynasty of Yoda.


03-15-2009 19:13:01 UTC

lol my first one was back in the Kaiju Dynasty