Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Proposal: Consolation Prize

Timed out 3 votes to 1, failed by Kevan.

(For what it’s worth, this admin comment field included a pre-written “Please include the final vote when you admin this proposal.” message from Wakukee.)

Adminned at 13 Mar 2009 14:10:01 UTC

If the Proposal titled “I’m willing to end this” fails, this Proposal does nothing. Qwazukee, Dogfish, and Igthorn (The oldest of the non-admins) are free to make their own proposals.
Make Wakukee an admin.
I feel that I am ready, and I know that I wouldn’t mess anything up, and would instead speed things up greatly (as I tend to be on Blognomic very often). I also think that Amnistar would probably support this were he active (feel free to comment with a message of your support or objection if you get on, Amni.) I have been here several months, and feel experienced enough to do this properly.

P.S. Thanks for putting up with my immaturity when I first joined.



03-11-2009 20:18:13 UTC

Please remember that there are now no DEF votes. That is another reason for which I proposed this now. I would like to know how you really feel.


03-11-2009 20:53:18 UTC

against  against  against  against  against  against  against  against  against


03-11-2009 20:54:56 UTC

If you expect not screwing anything up for one dynasty is any sign of change you are mistaken. We have enough active admins that I see no reason to make anyone an admin, especially one who has been such a pain in blognomic’s side.


03-11-2009 20:59:37 UTC

Yeah, I kinda knew that you would vote against on anything of this sort, Clucky. We have never been on good terms.


03-11-2009 21:11:14 UTC

I wonder if that is because of your constant attempts to find loopholes in the blognomic framework, teaming up with the other annoying players here, or just constant disregard for the veteran players in general.


03-11-2009 21:31:21 UTC

against The fact that this proposal has a URL that doesn’t match its subject line suggests that you still enjoy creative, slightly show-off tinkering a bit too much. Which is fine and healthy in its place, but I’d rather not see it extend into the toybox of the admin interface.


03-11-2009 21:33:43 UTC



03-11-2009 22:39:42 UTC

Note: we are now in hiatus.

Also, I’m indifferent to this proposal.


03-12-2009 05:21:02 UTC

I am against. No vote due to hiatus.


03-12-2009 08:20:40 UTC

I don’t think it’s a good idea


03-12-2009 08:31:17 UTC

As arrow *aka above*


03-13-2009 01:36:26 UTC

I’d vote for this if it wasn’t in a hiatus.