Thursday, December 03, 2015

Ascension Address: Your New Office

Pushing open the door with the blank nameplate, you find yourself in a new but identical windowless office, on what feels like a higher floor. On the cheap grey desk sits a manila folder announcing proposed changes to the organisation’s committee system, and a red and a green pen. In the wastepaper basket, some coffee-stained memo paper and a colourful deck of cards. A wall clock ticks.

Change “Reader” to “Clerk” and “High Arcanist” to “Director”.

The intention here is to try for a dynasty without any instantaneous actions, to see what happens - all game actions should be in the form of proposals to amend the gamestate, with the main mechanic being “committee” proposals which can only be voted on by the subset of players who belong to that committee. (Basic structure lifted from Reiner Knizia’s pawns-and-squares Quo Vadis, where players vote and bribe one another into the next space in a branching maze of committees.)


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