Friday, June 12, 2015

Proposal: Zilla App

Reached quorum 4 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 13 Jun 2015 08:46:47 UTC

If “Okay, Let’s Try This” failed, this proposal has no further effect.

Add a subrule to “Secrets” (or to “Aspects” if there is no rule called “Secrets”) called “Legends”:-

A Kaiju may, as a daily action, make a Legend Post, being a blog entry that describes a single Secret. If a Legend Post is more than 24 hours old and if the Attendant does not regard its Secret as being overpowered, vague or otherwise objectionable, the Attendant may add the Secret it describes to the list of possible Secrets in the ruleset.

If the proposal “Mild-Mannered 50-Foot Lizard Reporter” passed, replace “Secret” with “Aspect” in the created rule.

Compromise between “Zilla in Manilla” and regular proposals: Kaiju freely suggest abilities, other Kaiju can point out problems or objections, and the Attendant makes a call after 24 hours.



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