Friday, August 31, 2007

Proposal: 750 Storeys High

Reached quorum, 8 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 01 Sep 2007 09:30:10 UTC

In the “Monster Mash” rule, replace the paragraph beginning “The Kaiju God who initiated the creation” with:-

Monsters are composed of three Sections, each being a 500x250 pixel image.

The Kaiju God who initiated the creation of the monster must first draw the top Section of the monster that they wish to create. The Kaiju God must then cut out and send the bottom 500x20 pixels of their Section to one of the Kaiju Gods who responded to the post. This Kaiju God should create a new 500x250 pixel Section that would fit directly below this 500x20 sliver, before passing the bottom 500x20 pixels of their newly-drawn Section to the final Kaiju God, who must then draw the bottom Section of the Monster.



08-31-2007 13:36:01 UTC

for sounds fun!


08-31-2007 14:33:55 UTC

for Would make the process of creating a monster somewhat easier. But we would still need a way to send the pictures to each other. Perhaps we should have a list of everybody’s email?


08-31-2007 14:37:28 UTC


Or post the top on the Wiki (assuming that’s doable) and then the middle is posted right below it, and so on.

What file format is preferred? .jpg or .png, ,gif?
Should me make the format a rule, or leave that up to the drawer?


08-31-2007 15:10:51 UTC

for Much better.


08-31-2007 15:31:34 UTC



08-31-2007 22:50:09 UTC



09-01-2007 04:26:06 UTC