Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Proposal: A cleaner pool

Passes 6-0. Enacted by Brendan.

Adminned at 22 Jul 2021 17:33:28 UTC

If “Dirty Pool” failed, make the same changes to the ruleset that it would have made if it had been enacted.

Then amend the text of “Room Pools” to the following:

A Room Pool is a set of rooms, created via the use of the following steps, in the order listed (when Richardo “makes a Room Pool” he follows these steps to create a Room Pool):

  • Start with an empty pool of no Rooms.
  • If Richardo used a Secret Passage Map in his most recent Move, add all Lit Rooms other than Richardo’s current location to the Room Pool, and skip the remaining steps.
  • If a “Richardo von Nestor’s next Move in this Enter the Crypt action must have his immediate previous location as its destination. ” effect was applied during Richardo’s previous move, and Richardo’s current and previous locations are orthogonally adjacent, add only Richardo’s previous location to the Room Pool and skip the remaining steps.
  • Add all lit rooms orthogonally adjacent to Richardo’s current location to the Room Pool.
  • Now process the following list of steps, except that if applying any of these steps would cause the Room Pool to become empty, that step is skipped rather than applying it:
    • Remove each room from the Room Pool that is orthogonally adjacent to Richardo’s current location in the direction of an exit that is blocked from Richardo’s current location.
    • Remove each room from the Room Pool that is Daunting, unless Richardo is Drunk.
    • Remove Richardo’s immediately previous location from the Room Pool, if it is there.
    • Remove each room from the Room Pool that is Familiar, unless Richardo is Amnesiac.

“Dirty Pool” is a nice rewrite for comprehensibility reasons, but unfortunately it’s broken and too late to edit.

This fixes it to actually work (the most important fix is for the “Start with an empty pool of no Rooms” step to not cause the entire Room Pool creation to fail because it empties the Room Pool, but there are a few other fixes, such as making blocked rooms work and preventing Richardo finding a secret passage to his own current location).


Josh: he/they

20-07-2021 21:50:24 UTC

“Room Pools” isn’t a proposal; it’s called Dirty Pool.

I’ll vote against this on the grounds that it removes the Secret Map exclusion to the bounce effect.


20-07-2021 22:05:58 UTC

So does yours! I was keeping them the same way around as in your proposal.

If you’d prefer them the other way round, I can swap them.


20-07-2021 22:12:11 UTC

Josh said on Slack that the situation he was talking about was “use a Secret Passage Map to a bounce room, then bounce back to the original Secret Passage Map room”; that’s now been changed to not work (bounce rooms don’t bounce if accessed via a secret passage), to be consistent with Josh’s proposal.

Josh: he/they

20-07-2021 22:14:26 UTC

I’ll vote for this as currently written.

Clucky: he/him

21-07-2021 04:01:58 UTC


Josh: he/they

21-07-2021 07:30:40 UTC


Brendan: he/him

21-07-2021 16:55:50 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

21-07-2021 19:40:25 UTC


lemon: she/her

22-07-2021 00:48:08 UTC