Monday, January 18, 2016

Ascension Address: A Mostly Empty Playground

A plastic bag is caught in the weeds that grow from the cracks in the concrete play surface. In the distance, you hear the creaking of a chain as the chilly breeze blows a swing back and forth. There’s a few other children here, but mostly the place is desolate. The oldest one gestures for you to come over.

“Wanna play a game?” he asks. “Yeah, I know it looks like we don’t have enough kids for a game. But let me tell you a secret.”

He leans in, conspiratorially. When you’re eight years old, you hope you’ll be half as cool as him. “We all have imaginary friends, right? They can play too. No, it’s not dumb. It’s cool. And then we’ll have enough to play a game. C’mon, do you want to play or not?”

Change “Clerk” to “Child”, “Clerks” to “Children”, and “Director” to “Oldest Child”.



01-18-2016 16:37:04 UTC

Response to Quirck’s question on a previous post: In ExpressionEngine, I went to CP Home. Under Modify or Delete, I clicked on Entry, which gives me a list of every post I’ve ever made. On the side, there is a check box that I can click, and at the bottom from a drop-down menu I chose “Delete Selected”.

Initially, I wrote the posts but did not click “Publish,” hoping that I could store them as drafts within ExpressionEngine. It was not my intention to publish them, and they did not seem to be showing up on the main page at first, so I thought it had worked. But obviously they showed up eventually.

Didn’t realize deleted the posts would be illegal. :P Oy. I’m off to a great start.