Sunday, June 17, 2012

A New Era

As quorum is now 7, it turns out that this old DoV is enactable:

A DoV may be enacted if any of the following is true:
It has been open for voting for at least 12 hours, has a number of FOR Votes that exceed or equal Quorum, and either the Time Buddha has Voted FOR it or it has no AGAINST Votes.
It has been open for voting for at least 24 hours, has a number of FOR Votes that exceed or equal Quorum, and has a number of AGAINST Votes lesser than half of Quorum, rounded down.
It has been open for voting for at least 48 hours, has a number of Votes that exceed or equal Quorum, and more than half of its valid Votes are FOR.

Nothing prevents a DoV from being enacted twice. As such, a new dynasty is begun with me as Time Buddha. AA and initial proposal coming shortly.

Yes, this is a core rules scam. I feel it’s an appropriate time as the dynasty was just reset, and there are two proposals for metas pending. In effect, I’m not costing anyone anything significant by interrupting the dynasty with a new one. I do want to establish fair play rules regarding core rules scams, since a lot of people have different views of what is and is not appropriate, but I’ll wait until we have dynastic gameplay going properly.



06-17-2012 20:18:10 UTC

Please unidle me.


06-17-2012 20:22:22 UTC

for Me too.


06-17-2012 20:22:24 UTC

Oh, and why this works when Bucky’s attempt to enact the Fourth Metadynasty’s CFJ during the Agoran invasion: since then, the rules have changed to allow votes to be counted if they were made when the Time Monk was idle, or if the Time Monk idled and deidled in between. It makes vote counting much easier, but had this side effect (which was patched for CFJs but not for DoVs)


06-17-2012 20:24:51 UTC

Done. Quorum is back to 8.


06-17-2012 21:20:50 UTC

Nicely done, but wouldn’t most or all of those votes have been rendered invalid during the subsequent year and a half when the ruleset still said “If an Investor leaves the game or goes Idle, their Vote is no longer valid.”?


06-17-2012 21:40:46 UTC

I hereby move that this Dynasty be known as the AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGHHHHHHH MY BRAIN Dynasty, or a homophonic equivalent.


06-17-2012 21:46:01 UTC

“A Time Buddha’s Vote on a Votable Matter is the last valid voting icon that they have used in any comment on that Votable Matter.”


06-17-2012 21:58:33 UTC

Ah, didn’t check the whole rule. That’s fine, then.


06-17-2012 22:13:01 UTC

for Mostly because I want to move on from this madness.


06-18-2012 02:43:05 UTC

@Kevan: that rule used to block the scam (and did, when Bucky tried it), but as scshunt pointed out, the rules have changed since.


06-18-2012 03:48:24 UTC

For the record, the scam was salvageable even at the time, by voting on the CfJ again before re-enacting it.  By the time I figured that out, the situation had otherwise stabilized to the point where it was no longer necessary.

Err, and for


06-18-2012 04:00:37 UTC

Yeah, but that would have required opening the thing for comments (which, as I mentioned elsewhere, I think a lot of people would see as admin power abuse).