Wednesday, June 09, 2021

A note on Imperial style and direction for this dynasty

This is a voluntary but nonbinding outline of how I will be approaching this dynasty, emperorship-wise.

I anticipate that to some extent the dynasty will revolve around creating an economy for the Vampire Lords to buy powers to put into rooms to torment poor young Richardo von Nestor. For the most part I will be staying out of that aspect of the game. It will be up to the Vampire Lords to determine how much of their blood power they want to spend on spike traps vs flesh golem refineries vs trick chandeliers, and to respond accordingly when tall poppies start emerging on the basis of specialised setups. I won’t even get too involved in creating boundaries for the strength of the effects they can have; if you want to kill off Richardo then I’m sure his cousin Pablo will be ready to take up the whip and shield.

To the extent that I do vote on proposals that only set up Vampire Lord powers it will be to nudge the shape of the overall ruleset rather than out of a desire to control the pace or integrity of the game.

I’d like to avoid too much secret information; processing Richardo’s meanderings will be enough GMing for me. At some point we might follow through on the stub rule where Vampire Lord loyalties can secretly drift, but anything more than that is probably too much for right now.


lemon: she/her

09-06-2021 22:35:20 UTC

thanks for the clarity!