Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Proposal: A Small, Time-Drenched Planet

Reached quorum, enacted 10 votes to 1, by Kevan. I’m not sure what “create a new GNDT page” was supposed to mean, so I’ve just put the formula variables on the Timeline wiki page, which is already linked in the sidebar.

Adminned at 05 Jul 2006 05:05:28 UTC

Add a new rule titled “The Continuum”:

Each Traveler is permitted to specify an algebraic Formula (to be tracked in the GNDT) relating five global time travel variables: ‘x’,‘y’,‘z’,‘w’, and ‘t’. A Formula is an equation relating least two distinct variables from this list. Each Formula must be well formed and in simplest terms, contain no transcendental functions, and not evaluate to indeterminate forms explicitly. A legal Formula must assign exactly one variable to the right hand side.

Some examples of legal Formulas are ‘x+y=t’, ‘300w/z = y’, and ‘x^2-t/(x+y) +1 = w’.

The Arbiter may erase any Formula that does not satisfy the above conditions, or edit any Formula for game / plot purposes.

A Traveler may, no more than once every seventy-two hours, edit one Formula in the GNDT, as long as the resulting Formula is legal.

Often, a Traveler may change the values of ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘z’, ‘w’, or ‘t’ as permitted by any of the legal Formulas that exist in the GNDT (provided that division by zero does not occur), then giving notice on the front page that this has happened.

If ‘t’ is greater than 6000, it becomes 6000. If ‘x’ is greater than 12, it becomes 12. If ‘y’ is greater than 31, it becomes 31.

If ‘t’ is less than -15000, it becomes -15000. If ‘x’ is less than 0, it becomes 0. If ‘y’ is less than 0, it becomes 0.

Often, a Traveler may set eir TL to [t]/[x]/[y], where [t], [x]. and [y] are the real parts of ‘t’, ‘x’, and ‘y’ rounded to the nearest integer.

Set ‘t’=1419, ‘x’=11, ‘y’=26, and ‘w’=‘z’=0. Create a GNDT column titled ‘Formula’. Create a new GNDT page and store the time travel variables ‘t’, ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘w’, and ‘z’ in it, and place a link to the new page somewhere on the sidebar.



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07-04-2006 20:21:09 UTC

for If anyone thinks this rule is too complicated, you’d better vote against, I guess!


07-04-2006 20:36:22 UTC



07-04-2006 20:57:24 UTC

for Interesting.


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07-04-2006 21:59:28 UTC

For those of us who aren’t up on time travel theory, what do z and w represent?


07-04-2006 22:52:12 UTC

Heh.  They don’t really represent anything, yet.  As you can see, even x and y do not really serve as coordinates in a plane, as you might expect them to.  But having z and w available can still be useful if you can get a clever set of formulas into the GNDT.


07-05-2006 00:16:49 UTC

Do you mean Any legal formula or all legal formulae?


07-05-2006 05:22:54 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

07-05-2006 05:39:00 UTC



07-05-2006 08:29:28 UTC

This is a completely absurd rule.  I would vote for it, but for this.

My reservation is that of conflicting updates.  If two or more Travellers are making simultaneous updates under this rule, we’ll all end up in a right pickle.


07-05-2006 08:29:39 UTC