Sunday, March 17, 2019

Proposal: A surfeit of spells

Popular 4 to 0. Enacted by derrick.

Dusty Old Spellbook still exists after my enactment. Is there a better way to “Move” pages than by editing their text? Delete this message if its resolved.

Adminned at 20 Mar 2019 11:50:26 UTC

In “Spells”, replace the first sentence with:

The [[Adventurers’ Spellbook]] page is ordained for Spell tracking, and may also be referred to as the Spellbook.

Move the page called “Spellbook” to “Adventurers’ Spellbook”.

Move the page called “Old Dusty Spellbook” to “Spellbook”.

There was already a wiki page called “Spellbook”, which I moved to “Old Dusty Spellbook” so that Spelling Bee could be enacted. But that breaks any old dynasties’ links that are pointing to Spellbook. Let’s rearrange the shelves back how they were.



17-03-2019 23:19:55 UTC



18-03-2019 08:19:52 UTC

Thanks for the keen eye.

derrick: he/him

20-03-2019 11:30:38 UTC