Monday, May 23, 2016

Ascension Address: A Thousand Words

Trying something a bit different this dynasty, so no in-character preamble: this is intended as a real-world scavenger hunt where players take photos of things and submit them to the blog. We’ll see what direction the proposals head in, but I’d be interested in restricting the game to a particular city, to give the potential for some real-life interaction between players (such as having short time windows in which photos had to be taken without being spotted). It’d limit the player base, but it might bring in some much-needed fresh blood, and distant players could potentially recruit local friends to run missions on their behalf.

Replace “Imagineer” with “Hunter” and “Boss” with “Moderator”.



05-23-2016 14:03:03 UTC

We live in different countries and I’m not rich enough to cross the Atlantic on a regular basis so? I like the idea of bringing in new people but not knowing anyone in London (outside of this game) this is incredibly difficult to do? Or England. Or Europe. Or the eastern hemisphere for that matter.


05-23-2016 14:38:01 UTC

Restricting it to a single city somehow is just a thought. I wouldn’t veto a proposal that went somewhere else with the idea.