Saturday, February 21, 2015

Proposal: Alternative Endgame

Vetoed.  Darknight

Adminned at 22 Feb 2015 21:57:41 UTC

Create a new dynastic rule, “Endgame Protocol”:

This rule cannot be repealed or amended as the result of a Proposal being Sabotaged. This takes precedence over all other dynastic rules.

An Emergency Broadcast is a PM submitted to the Ship’s Computer with the subject line “Emergency Broadcast”, and with a body that consists only of a list of Crewmember’s names. Only the first Emergency Broadcast submitted by each Crewmember has any effect; the others should be ignored.

An Emergency Broadcast is “correct” if it lists the names of each Android, and no other names.

If the Ship’s Computer has received at least one correct Emergency Broadcast, and that Emergency Broadcast was submitted at least 36 hours ago, then he may post a blog post listing all Crewmembers who submitted correct Emergency Broadcasts, and identifying a randomly selected Crewmember, chosen from the Crewmembers who submitted correct Emergency Broadcasts, as the Radio Operator. Upon the publication of this blog post, the Radio Operator achieves Victory. If the Radio Operator has achieved Victory, no other Crewmember may achieve Victory

This was a beautiful rule before that gave us the opportunity to become a game of Werewolf until it was flagged as illegal. Anyway, here it is with some minor (or perhaps major, I don’t know your perspective) edits.

The big change here is that the Crewmember has to name the Disabled Androids correctly as well, if there are any. Yes, I know - that sucks.



21-02-2015 02:37:38 UTC

Disabled Humans/Androids, Active Humans, and Kevan, vote FOR this alternate victory condition! No apathy; let’s give everyone a small chance at least to win rather than letting the Androids go from here to Victory with their superpowers! Note that this is a clear and easy opportunity for Disabled Androids and Humans alike to possibly win!


21-02-2015 05:36:36 UTC



21-02-2015 06:26:06 UTC



21-02-2015 21:47:25 UTC

against Dynasty’s over now.

Josh: he/they

22-02-2015 20:42:09 UTC