Thursday, February 17, 2011

Declaration of Victory: An End To All The Puns

12 hours have passed, a quorum of Ants voted FOR and there are no AGAINST votes. Enacted by Purplebeard.

Adminned at 18 Feb 2011 00:45:55 UTC

The victory condition has been triggered, and there are no Obediant or Expectant Ants, and a positive amount of Delinquants. I have the lowest CP of all Delinquants, which makes me the Ascendant. I therefore declare victory.

My thanks go out to Subrincinator and Chivalrybean, who have helped me improve my position.



17-02-2011 12:12:42 UTC

for Nicely played!


17-02-2011 13:07:04 UTC

for You are very welcome, Purplebeard.  I for one welcome our new insect overlord.


17-02-2011 13:40:31 UTC

Oh snap, you can give twigs away.

There’s a very funny image i my head. Rodlen walking up to take victory, then him getting handed a package, opening it, then seeing it’s a twig and he’s all like No, wait, I didn’t, it’s not, nooooo!

Also:  for


17-02-2011 15:02:52 UTC

for Brilliant!


17-02-2011 15:14:55 UTC

for Much better to see this than me effortlessly winning without doing a single thing.

Roujo: he/him

17-02-2011 15:49:38 UTC

for Many (both)ants had to die to bring you this victory. Me included. =P


17-02-2011 16:29:27 UTC

Sorry Roujo. My antagonism wasn’t personal. (Had to get at least one more in.)


17-02-2011 16:56:28 UTC

I dan’t think the puns will ever end.


17-02-2011 19:14:08 UTC

What, did no-one notice mine?

Roujo: he/him

17-02-2011 20:26:53 UTC

Don’t worry, I did notice it. I just couldn’t (and still cAN’T) find a way to ANTphasize how brilliANT it was, so I didn’t commANT on the matter. ANT. =P


17-02-2011 22:34:25 UTC



18-02-2011 02:34:21 UTC

Yayy! I have been constantly intrigued by this game.  Can’t wait to see what the next round is like.  for  Oh, and

Roujo: he/him

18-02-2011 03:43:11 UTC

Wow. 1331 potANTial puns. And that’s not counting those in ent, that are also quite conveniANT. =P

Darknight: he/him

18-02-2011 04:44:41 UTC

for Nicely played. *still hoping for a chance at dynasty number 2 to run*