Thursday, September 05, 2013

Ascension Address: An Introduction to Magic

Welcome all, to my humble abode. It appears that the Archmage, in all his wisdom, has placed you all under my direct tutelage, despite my repeated wishes to be left alone in my research. Incidentally, lesson number one: don’t publish a paper that disproves Archmage Prok’s theory on Thaumaturgy in the Chaos Plane.

You might think it impossible for one mage (talented though I am) to properly mentor so many Initiates. You would be right. Therefore, I have decided to take a hands-off approach towards your education. You’ll each find an empowered birchwood staff and an empty spellbook waiting for you in the study. I also hereby grant you full access to my library. Go nuts, and don’t interrupt me at my work unless you’re dead or have transcended this sphere of reality.

All Dynastic Rules are repealed. Player becomes Apprentice. Emperor becomes Wizard.



05-09-2013 08:33:00 UTC

Proposals to follow, but I would like to further explore the Powers mechanic from waaay back in the First Dynasty of Excalabur, with added Elemental goodness.


05-09-2013 08:46:28 UTC

I like this theme ^^

Josh: he/they

05-09-2013 08:51:02 UTC

Mm, interesting. Will unidle this evening.

Has anyone has a crack at putting together a prior mobile app for BlogNomic, by the way?

Josh: he/they

05-09-2013 08:51:35 UTC


RaichuKFM: she/her

05-09-2013 13:17:44 UTC

Well this seems fun.