Sunday, May 07, 2006

And lo….

This is a post officially stating Lex10’s joining of this dynasty of Blog Nomic. So I’ll get right to it as soon as I’m added to the sidebar.



07-05-2006 15:20:23 UTC

Welcome to Blognomic! Quorum rises to 7.


07-05-2006 16:05:56 UTC

thanks! um….so is the turn order the order in the GNDT or is there none? I checked the rules a few times and could find no spefics


07-05-2006 17:06:27 UTC

There are no ‘turns’ right now. This Nomic has come far since the original Suberian ruleset; you’re free to take actions and write proposals at your leasure, as long as it’s allowed by the ruleset.