Thursday, August 18, 2022

Story Post: Announcement #26

Hey, welcome back to the Habanero and Maldor Show, the only podcast to be broadcasting right from the workshop floor of the BlogBot championship!

That’s right, Hab, and don’t forget that you can listen to us using your podcast app of choice or watch us on videocast!

That’s right, Mal. And hey, we’ve got big news today, haven’t we?

We sure have - it’s finally happening!

Yes, finally, we’ve been drawn against… each other!

I know you guys love the show, and don’t worry - still good friends, still good vibes, but now we get to see each others’ artistry up close.

That’s right, Mal. I’m excited, are you excited?

I actually am! CarolAIna Reaper has attracted a lot of buzz, I’m excited to see if Bad Door can be the bot to stop it in its tracks.

If anyone can it’s you, buddy. Any news on configurations?

I understand that we get the Colonel for company, and some trap tiles: a shock at 8, explosion at 14 and a flip at square 9.

Easy peasy. Can’t wait, buddy; if it has to be anyone I hope it’s you.

I hope it’s me too!


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