Friday, August 19, 2022

Story Post: Announcement #27

“Ah, there you are.”

SingularByte had found Trapdoorspyder sitting by a fountain, angrily tearing chunks of bread from a loaf, showing the chunks to the birds, and then spitefully eating them.

“What do you want, nerd,” snarled Trap.

“You know,” said SingularByte, grabbing a perch, “the snarly villain schtick used to bother me. Now it feels almost… nostalgic.”

“You feeling wistful for the good old days?”

“You bet. Now it’s all nothing but rows of spikes and autonomous ai units. Not what it used to be, back when we were in charge.”

“Tournament’s just around the corner. We can be again.”

“Hey! You know what, you’re right. We can show these kids how it’s done!”

“Why wait? Open slot in the roster tomorrow.”

“Want to show them how it’s done? Two bots, no configs?”

“You know, I really do.”


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