Friday, January 01, 2021

Proposal: Attack Pattern Alpha

Enacted 5-0. Josh

Adminned at 03 Jan 2021 21:00:51 UTC

Add a new subrule to the rule “The Battlefield”. Call it “Assists” and give it the following text:

At any time between a Fire Attempt and its corresponding Fire Action, any Jockeying Pilot other than the attacker may spend 5 Power to Assist it by making a comment to the same Schedule Post, saying that they are Assisting and uniquely identifying the Fire Attempt. The attacker’s effective Attack for that Fire Action is increased by the sum of the Attacks of the Pilots that Assisted the Fire Action.

Add the following entry as the third item in the list of ways to gain Experience in the rule “Development”:

* A Pilot gains 1 Experience whenever they Assist a Fire Action that destroys a Bogey, if the shot would have been miscalibrated had the Fire Action not been Assisted.

Finally, a way to hit Attack Vector 99: by leading a squadron composed of every single Pilot.


Josh: he/him

01-01-2021 20:31:16 UTC


Raven1207: he/him

01-01-2021 20:40:45 UTC


Darknight: he/him

02-01-2021 15:10:55 UTC



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