Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Proposal: Blix Nixes Cliques’ Tricks

timed oue 1 to 4 failed by card

Adminned at 10 Aug 2017 15:06:07 UTC

Enact a new rule, “Weapons Inspections”:-

A CIC may initiate a Weapons Inspection against any CIC (the “Rogue State”) by posting a blog entry to this effect, if no CIC has initiated an Inspection against that CIC in the past 96 hours. Any CIC may support the Inspection by posting a comment on it which contains a FOR voting icon. (A CIC is assumed to support a Weapons Inspection they have initiated.)

The Backing of a Weapons Inspection blog entry is equal to the total Science and Intel of all CICs who have supported it. If a Weapons Inspections’ Backing equals or exceeds twice the Intel of the Rogue State, and if it is no more than 96 hours old, the UNSG should privately inform the initiator of the inspection about the Rogue State’s IE at that time, along with the assignation of its Techs.

Making Iron Curtains narrowly opaque. IE is going to become too risky to make into a victory condition if we can never be sure of how high it’s gotten.



08-08-2017 16:09:20 UTC

Looks good to me but it’s an at-enactment race again, because this favors whoever does it first.

Maybe an auction or something that gives equal chance? Being an Admin is too much of an advantage for this, as proven many other times (for example, my own Dynasty). against

Kevan: Oracle he/him

08-08-2017 16:24:16 UTC

It’s not happening in a vacuum, though. An enacting admin’s Weapons Inspections still need the support of other players (or some serious commitment to Intel+Science), and seem likely to provoke a negative reaction from whichever CIC is Inspected.


08-08-2017 20:51:41 UTC

for Funny that the Weapons Inspection reveals so much information, except for information about the weapons.

I don’t like the enactment race but that could be fixed before an Inspection executes.

derrick: he/him

08-08-2017 23:13:42 UTC


I agree with Cuddlebeam. additionally, looking at the techs is a little weird. Why aren’t we instead looking at targeting?

Kevan: Oracle he/him

09-08-2017 07:51:10 UTC

It’s funny in the first place that you can make “International Esteem” secret, so that other nations can’t tell how much they esteem you. It feels like we’re using it to mean something else now.

I picked Techs as they represent an upcoming private change in IE (where missile targetting has a more public effect), but only to make the rule a bit more multipurpose than just “negate Iron Curtain”.


09-08-2017 10:22:06 UTC

against CoV. I would prefer though to drop Iron Curtain completely, as it makes me nervous during ticks to have this opaque process that I might do wrong. I’d leave it up to the international community to decide what the fair way to do that is, if that’s something other people want.


09-08-2017 13:18:13 UTC

If I get rewarded for holding onto so much Intel, or a full refund of the 40 Intel and a bit more, I’d be pretty open to it.

Thunder: he/him

10-08-2017 12:25:58 UTC

Alternate proposal now.