Thursday, April 27, 2017

Proposal: Blogger’s Need Money Too

6-1. Failed by card.

Adminned at 28 Apr 2017 23:04:37 UTC

Add in a new section called Wages:

After every Blogsball game each manager involved in the game must pay wages to their Bloggers.
Wages are calculated as follows for each Blogger:
$500 x Blogger’s level during the match, plus an additional $2000 for each of the Blogger’s stats that is 8 or greater.
The wages must be subtracted from the manager’s cash. The money earned by the blogger need not be tracked.


It isn’t just the managers that are in this for the money, and even the lowliest PuP expects to be paid to put his nose in front of some other blogger’s stick.

I thought this would provide a little balance against bigger and better bloggers always being good.



04-27-2017 15:42:47 UTC

The number is a bit low: It will never be a substantial fraction of the game money.


04-27-2017 15:45:27 UTC

Also, we earn money from playing matches anyway. An easier way to implement this could be to just reduce the per-game cash reward.


04-27-2017 16:13:02 UTC

But this reduces the per game cash reward based on the level of your bloggers. That’s sort of the point. I will increase the money a bit. I debated as to how significant it should be.


04-27-2017 21:47:50 UTC

It rewards playing one good blogger (who earns you cash) and a bunch of fillers. The optimal loadout is one 18 with fantastic stats and two pups. You get $900,000 per game and pay $9,000 for the 18, $6000 for his stats, and 3,500$ for each pup.

As opposed to a team of 15’s with two good stats each, where you earn a mere $600,000 per game and pay $11,500 per player.

These numbers are still too low. The bad case should be taking out a sizeable chunk of your income: there is no appreciable difference between loosing 1% and 2% of your game revenue.


04-27-2017 22:23:36 UTC

against Let’s see how profitable games are before we charge a bunch of money for playing them.

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