Monday, July 04, 2011


So, reading over blognomic’s history, i saw that it used to be on blogspot, a free blog hosting service. however, currently it is on its own domain, which must be paid for (annually?) Anyway, I kept thinking about this and wondered: Who is the creator of Blognomic, and who pays for it? Does anyone know?



07-04-2011 23:48:26 UTC

Why is this a story post? According to Gamestate tracking, I think making Story Posts in this manner is illegal, as Story Posts are “Official Posts,” which Gladiators may only make if “to the blog when the Ruleset allows it.”


07-05-2011 00:08:54 UTC

sorry! i didnt notice


07-05-2011 01:22:34 UTC

I thought either Kevan or 75th is the site owner.


07-05-2011 01:32:46 UTC

Sounds realistic.  75th is #1 and Kevan is #2 on (i.e., and, and both are Super Admins.  Though of course is the new version, so member creation order is not a 100% reliable indication of seniority.


07-05-2011 01:34:20 UTC

Also, they’re the only two members with a join date in Dec 2004.  Every one else joined months later.

Josh: HE/HIM

07-05-2011 05:35:50 UTC

75th is the site owner. Kevan is one of the founding players. 75th has never asked for any money so I can only assume that we’re being covertly funded by the CIA.


07-05-2011 09:27:57 UTC

Note that the “Story Post” category has nothing to do with whether a post actually is a story post; it’s just for tracking convenience. This isn’t, it’s just a discussion post.