Friday, August 05, 2022

Story Post: Bout #23: CrowBot2000 vs Credit Score: F [Raven1207 vs lendunistus]

It looks like Raven1207 has invested some money in this Bout - not so much in CrowBot, which remains one of the cheaper bots in the League, but in staging. For those listening to us on Radio BlogBot, thousands of crow feathers are falling from the ceiling while orchestral music plays. By contrast, Credit Score: F is simply moving into position with very little fanfare.

CrowBot is being lowered by a crane into position 4 - a single white-light spotlight making it appear like a descending angel - while Credit Score: F is plonking itself unceremoniously into position 16.

There’s the blue light - they’re off!

The crowd roars its appreciation - they’ve been craving the red meat of bot on bot action! CrowBot is straight off from the stocks, moving into position 9. Lendunistus sees this tactical move and responds, pushing Credit Score F into position 13 - just outside of the range of CrowBot’s melee weapons. But Raven is to trigger happy, letting off a huge gout of flame from its flamethrower that doesn’t quite manage to reach Credit Score’s position. Oh! But Credit Score keeps scuttling forward - it’s right on top of CrowBot now, in position 10! Looks like we’re in for a melee slugfest and the crowd loves it!

CrowBot gets the first strike in, bathing Credit Score with another blast of heat from that flamethrower - the paint on Credit Score’s chassis immediately puckers and its articulated joints all look Scorched! But what’s this - Credit Score is pulling out it’s flipper - and it’s found purchase! CrowBot is up and over on its back, defenceless, and that’s when Credit Score goes in with its axe - and then again - two huge chops on the underside of CrowBot from that axe, and CrowBot is - oh! It’s rocked itself back upright This match is still on!

Another blast from that flamethrower and Credit Score is starting to take some serious damage, the systems are warping every time they’re used and that chassis is starting to look very worn - but the flipper still works - there it is! CrowBot is back on its back and has no answer to the problem of being flipped! Two more big hits from that workmanlike hatchet and that’s it - CrowBot’s Apex Systems chassis is split clean down the middle and the Bot cannot compete any longer! The judges have called it -

Credit Score: F wins by TKO!


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