Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Story Post: Bout #34: Hard Hat vs CarolAIna Reaper [SingularByte vs Habanero]

Er, so, yeah, I was in Arena Hall D and I guess I could tell you what went down.

Oh, you mean, you want it all announcer-y? Nah, sorry bruh, I just bought a VIP pass or whatever, I dunno. Anyway, there wasn’t anybody else there, you know, it was trippy, like, was I the only one who bought the ₩300,000 deluxe all-access practice bout pass? I got to meet SingularByte and Habanero, that was pretty rad. I think they thought it was going to be all in private or whatever, so I told them I’d keep it quiet, but, like, I paid ₩300,000, I figure I got a right to tell my story?

Anyway, Habanero sort of won the toss or whatever, but Hard Hat has that gnarly nox tank so I’ll be telling it like it went first, which it did, you know. So Hard Hat in position 4 or whatever they call it. The Reaper - hehe, the Reaper, that is sick - in 16.

Gotta say, man, I’m no expert but both of the bots looked pretty sick, Hard Hat had this big ole nox tank and the Reaper was doing this thing with a giant axe - they’d made it look like a scythe - and a big mitt so Hard Hat wouldn’t be able to bypass. And I guess Habanero stuck a lead weight in with his breakpoint as well. Man, I was sitting there going, sheeeeesh - Hard Hat does not do well with bumpers up anyway, and now there’s a lead weight in there?

Oh yeah and the other thing was, they both had like foam tips on their weapons. Said it was a practice bout, didn’t want to do any damage. That was the only lame thing about it.

Anyway, yeah, so, Hard Hat goes first and does his big shove thing, all the way over the arena, but Reaper has the lead weight or whatever so Hard Hat is all like CLUNK but Reaper is all like NUH-UH and just sits there. And then that gnarly axe comes out and Hard Hat doesn’t like that, so backs up, but I think he thought he’d, like, push the Reaper a little? Because he backs up too far and goes into the bumpers, and you can see that SB isn’t down with this at all, like, seriously, dude looks pissed.

So Hard Hat lands in position 5, on its back, and the Reaper comes forward, and I’m like, WOAH, did he forget that there’s traps? Because that would be sick - but he didn’t, he stopped at 7, and then whacked Hard Hat with an axe again - pretty sick. Hard Hats gets back upright, tight, and then tries its big shove move again, but this time it goes even worse, it just clunks into the lead weight and then it’s on the flip trap and ends on its ass again. It’s all, like, wobble wobble, but Reaper just whacks it too more times with the axe and that’s enough, then the called it a day.

All in all it was pretty sweet, maybe not worth ₩300,000 but I guess I had it, I’ve been on a fricken hot streak on online Bot betting lately, you know?

So yeah CarolAIna Reaper won by TKO or whatever.


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