Sunday, November 16, 2008

Proposal: Building Permits

Posted by an idle member, as I could not find an unidle post- Darknight

Adminned at 16 Nov 2008 17:42:40 UTC

Create a new subrule called “Building Permits” under rule “Locations”:

A Character may spend 3 PP to create a new location in the wiki document Locations. If this is not the first time that Character has done so this week, the cost is increased by 3 for each other Location that Character created this week.

The Narrator may create a new Location at any time, without paying any PP cost.

I am still thinking of a method to specify restrictions for movement… its not ready yet, however.



11-16-2008 23:37:47 UTC

imperial .

The easy way to restrict movement is to give each Location an adjacency list.


11-16-2008 23:38:08 UTC

for I had been thinking that PP could be use to effect the plot in one form or another and this is a good start.


11-17-2008 01:01:08 UTC

against PP should be a result of affecting the plot, not a way to affect the plot.

I do like the idea of buying permits, though.  But they should be bought with more universal currency, like dollars.


11-17-2008 01:36:34 UTC

Aemos, I believe you posted this proposal while idle. (either that or the Admin who unidled you didn’t update the sidebar.)