Monday, January 29, 2018

Proposal: building stuff

reached 48 hours 4-0 with Emperor’s DEF enacted by card

Adminned at 31 Jan 2018 23:36:21 UTC

Add to Supplies

Blueprints: Consumable. Randomly choose a Supply that isn’t in a slot already with the text Blueprints in its name and add it to a slot you own. If no such Supply exists, the User burns the blank blueprint paper and does the same effect as Kindling.

Comfy Chair Blueprints: Structural. If the User has a Sewing Kit, Toolbox, Wood and Fabric they may as a craction destroy 1 Wood and 1 Fabric that they have, along with these Blueprints, to add a Comfy Chair into one of their slots.

Fabric: Other Residents are considered to have a Violent stance towards the User when they have Fabric their hands slot as the red cape the User holds enrages them.

Comfy Chair: Structural. When the Government makes a Crate post the User gains 3 Health if this is in the legs slot.

Wood: If the User took a Kindling they may, as a craction destroy their Wood and pick 2 other Residents which are different. The chosen Residents gain 1 Alertness while the User gain 3.


Toolbox: When the User takes Wood or Nails from a crate and they already have Nails or Wood (and vice versa), the User may destroy the Nails and Wood to add a Nailed Board to a slot they own.

Nailed Board: Structural. The User may, as a Craction, choose a Resident they have a violent stance towards. Then they choose a slot and hit them with the board, dealing 3 damage to that slot.

Sewing Kit:

Rope: As a craction the User may choose a Resident who is Violent towards them and bind their hands. The bound Resident may not take actions that will lower the User’s Health as long as the User has this item in their hands slot. Only 1 Resident can be bound per Rope.

Change “item from the current pool of possible Supplies” to

item from the Supplies that can appear in a Crate

It’s not really complete but not every proposal is



01-29-2018 22:10:40 UTC

Fabric is Hard-Hat on steroids (you can only attack people you’re Violent towards, currently), plus all of the additional Stance utility it gives, please amend it lol. Maybe we have to build it or its effect is something else.


01-30-2018 02:53:14 UTC

well I changed it


01-30-2018 03:04:01 UTC

lol, Bullfighter. OK, this works.

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-30-2018 09:01:34 UTC

Still some bits that don’t quite work here (Wood can be used so long as you’ve taken Kindling in the past at some point, dealing 3 damage “to that slot” has no effect) and it seems a bit inconsistent (making a chair takes a Craction, making a nailed board doesn’t), but we’ll see.



01-30-2018 21:44:05 UTC



01-31-2018 21:31:22 UTC

for I agree there needs fixing but it’s a good start.