Sunday, April 24, 2011

Proposal: Business Plans, Take II

Reaches Quorum 13-0 and is Enacted. ~lilomar

Adminned at 25 Apr 2011 06:16:55 UTC

To the end of the rule entitled “Corporations” add:

All Corporations have Worth, which is a real number value which may be negative. If a Corporation’s Worth is not defined, it’s Worth is 0. Worth is tracked on the [[BN Index]].

Create a sub-rule to the rule entitled “Corporations”; with the title “Business Plans”:-

Each Corporation has a Business Plan which is tracked on the [[BN Index]]. A Business Plan is a method of altering the Worth of the Corporation to which it belongs.

If no Investor has made a Quarterly Report within the past 24 hours, any Investor may do so. To make a Quarterly Report, An Investor must first Make a Comment in the GNDT stating that they are doing so, then they must compute the new Worth of each Corporation, according to it’s Business Plan, and update the [[BN Index]] to reflect this.

If a Business Plan would be changed by any means other than by Proposal, the new Business Plan is placed in parenthesis below the current Business plan, and has no effect on Quarterly Reports until The Market Signs Off on it by removing the parenthesis and removing the old Business Plan from the [[BN Index]]. The Market may also veto a plan that is in parenthesis by removing it from the [[BN Index]] and keeping the current Business Plan, but should explain their reason for doing so in a blog post or comment.

If there is a rule entitled “Board of Directors”, then add “Change the Corporation’s Business Plan (subject to Market approval)” to the list of Eligible Board Matters.

Set the Worth of each Corporation to 5. Set the Business plan of each Corporation to “Add ((1DICE5) - 2)”

If more than half of the EvC’s to this Proposal contain the word “INT” change the phrase “a real number value” to “an integer value” in the rule entitled “Corporations”, then set the Worth of each Corporation to 50, and set the Business plan of each Corporation to “Add ((1DICE10) - 4)”

I hope spikebrennan doesn’t mind me re-proposing his idea while he is out of slots. I have simplified the wording and tightened up the logic in some places.

Major changes are:
A) Making Worth (instead of using one mechanic for two things, I changed Corporations Currency to Worth) a real value instead of integer, and slapping the initial value down to 5 instead of 5000 (because I dislike superfluous zeros, and I like real numbers). If you prefer Integers, activate the INT clause.
B) Implemented an actual mechanic for vetoing of a Business Plan.



04-24-2011 02:35:47 UTC



04-24-2011 05:51:11 UTC

for INT (I don’t want to deal with business plans that result in an irrational number of credits.)


04-24-2011 08:21:53 UTC

for INT


04-24-2011 11:16:33 UTC

for INT


04-24-2011 11:50:34 UTC

for INT


04-24-2011 12:38:01 UTC

for INT


04-24-2011 14:06:25 UTC

for INT


04-24-2011 16:52:10 UTC

for INT
but why should a Corporation’s “Worth” be any different than an amount of Credits?  Using the same concept “Credits” for both the funds that an Investor holds and the funds that a Corporation holds streamlines mechanics that will deal with transfers of funds from an Investor to a Corporation or vice versa.


04-24-2011 16:54:17 UTC

for but make it INTEGERS


04-24-2011 18:43:16 UTC

spike: well, firstly, there is no such thing as “Credit”, you mean Currency?

Also, if we are investors, we should not be transferring the Currency directly from any company to an investor, we basically bet on which company is going to go up amongst ourselves.


04-24-2011 19:56:45 UTC

for INT


04-25-2011 02:14:16 UTC

for INT


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