Monday, March 25, 2019

Proposal: by decree of the royal court

unpopular 1 to 3. Failed by Derrick.

Adminned at 27 Mar 2019 12:33:11 UTC

Change the ability of the item Dragon’s Head to
“An adventurer may with this item may destroy it if they are located in The Kingdom to achieve victory.”

Add to the list of trades:

*100 coins -> Royal Appointment

Add to the list of items:

===Royal Appointment===
An Adventurer with this item may spend 4 AP to chainge their location to The Kingdom.

In Locations change “except the Dragon’s Lair” to “except the Dragon’s Lair and The Kingdom”

Add to the list of locations “The Kingdom”.

If a quorum of adventurer’s have included WATER in their EVC, skip the rest of this proposal.

Add to the list of Spells

===Fireblast—Level 1—CC 2
*Choose a non-Dragon Monster or Adventurer in the same location as you. Roll a DICE7. On a 1 roll a DICE6. If you chose a Monster, that specific Monster’s hit points are reduced by the first roll. If you chose an Adventurer, that Adventurer’s health is reduced by the first roll and 1 non-coin item is destroyed from their inventory. If the first roll was a 1, you lose health equal to the second die roll.

king henrold the wizened has put out a substantial bounty to any severed dragon head presented to him in person

Also i put in Fireblast as a way to get other players to stop someone while still being useful in and of itself.


derrick: he/him

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25-03-2019 20:45:03 UTC

No vote yet. Can you explain how this isn’t just an extra fiddly bit like locations when they were first introduced? If you have the Dragon’s Head, you’ve already won, and getting the coins for an appointment is just an extra thing to delay the inevitable. Since there are no stakes for having high valued items, this proposal seems pretty frivolous.


25-03-2019 23:48:50 UTC

Sure; it makes victory not contingent solely to 1 die roll. Right now the only way to lose health is by camping in the wild or getting 3 curses. So there’s little consequence to hunting a Dragon over and over again when the Dragon won’t ever hit back.
Getting up to 100 coins forces you to make more interesting choices: do they spend those coins to get useful items or keep them and be forced to spend more of different resources in future turns? Right now the optimal strategy as far as I can see it is to get your strength to 10 or more as quick as possible, camp at the Dragon’s lair a few times to hunt it as many times as possible.
Since the Dragon has its frequency set to 0 (which I just noticed is an illegal value), camping at the lair will only decrease the health by 1 until some other monsters spawn there, giving 5 more hits each time. Anyway I just that that this dynasty’s playability would be a little more interesting given how complicated it currently is.

I acknowledge that it wasn’t communicated that well but the Fireblast spell was supposed to give some sort of interaction at the game level against people’s inventory. I guess it probably doesn’t work with the game’s rules with how a monster’s hit points work. I plan to add more unexplored interactions after reading through this dynasty, since we’ve got quite a few points of Might to go before anyone gets to 10 repeatable strength.

I’ll leave this up for pokes to get a chance to read it.



25-03-2019 23:57:34 UTC

oh i guess you can lose HP to the squids too, forgot about those.


26-03-2019 01:00:59 UTC

At its heart, victory is *still* solely contingent on one die roll because the only way to win is to get the Dragon’s Head. That is the only unique determinant of victory. Sure, if there are more conditions that need to be fulfilled, the player has to play a little bit more strategically for efficiency’s sake, but after someone defeats the dragon, they have fulfilled the only unique condition, and it’s only a matter of time before they get the 100 coins and buy an appointment and win.

Additionally, I feel like victory doesn’t need to be harder at this point. I wrote the current victory condition to be comparatively simple on purpose. Once you have tracked down two cryptic clues, you probably don’t want to go on another long adventure to get cash anyway. This dynasty is running a bit long, and I doubt that having a complicated victory condition is going to help get people more invested.

Also, if someone gets to 10 might, they deserve to win since they’ve played the dynasty a lot.

Good catch, too. The proposal “The Dragon” added 0 to the set of values for frequency, but it was enacted wrong.


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26-03-2019 13:02:02 UTC

against Change of vote

derrick: he/him

27-03-2019 12:32:28 UTC


Cov. Good idea, but needs refinement and supporting mechanisms.