Wednesday, February 02, 2011


From 2.7: “If an ant has been dead for 24 hours, they may reset all of their stats tracked in the GNDT to that of a new ant and are no longer dead.”

New ants start as Obediant, but when then they cease to be dead they become Reincarnant. Resetting your stats to that of a new ant makes your health non-zero, which should make you be alive (and thus, Obediant) without having to explicitly say so…  which one should take precedence?


Roujo: he/him

02-02-2011 22:04:35 UTC

AFAIK, the rule for predecence is “Let’s argue about this for a few days until a proposal/CFJ fixing the issue is adopted”. =P

(Kidding, this isn’t Agora after all. =P)


03-02-2011 15:57:30 UTC

I think you aren’t considered a new ant in the case of not being dead anymore.


03-02-2011 22:03:38 UTC

My proposal is a solution to this problem because we do away with Reincarnant.