Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cleaning up gold

Reword the rule “Money” to the following:

Each adventurer has a collection of Gold tracked in the GNDT. When a Scribe joins the game for the first time, they start with 10 Gold.

A Scribe may, at any time, subtract a positive amount of gold pieces from their own collection and add that amount to the collection of any other Scribe or NPC.

Reword the rule “Random Encounters” to the following:

The realm of Blognomic is littered with minor gold-carrying Monsters. Each proposal, in addition to being an attempt to change the rules, also represents an encounter with such monsters.

Should a proposal by a Scribe pass, enough other Scribes have joined that the random monsters have been defeated, and its author gains X/2 Gold, where X is quorum. Should a proposal by a Scribe fail, the other Scribes leave its author to get mugged and lose X/2 Gold, where X is the number of AGAINST votes on that proposal. If the proposal was Self-Killed, they managed to escape some of the mugging. In this case, X is the number of AGAINST votes cast before the author’s AGAINST vote. However, if more than half the the Scribes who had their vote count as AGAINST on a failed proposal included the phrase “Nice try though” in the comments of that proposal, the other Scribes rescue them and no gold is lost or gained from that proposal.

In the rule “Exchange”, after “The following resources are considered Commercial: Paper, Looks, Fame” append “, Gold”

Set each scribe to 10 Gold.



28-06-2016 13:02:38 UTC

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