Friday, March 29, 2019

Proposal: cleansing spree

self killed failed by card

Adminned at 31 Mar 2019 06:10:47 UTC

Add to Items:
Items have a regular version and a cursed version. A cursed version of an item is denoted with the text “Cursed ” preceeding its name. In addition to its regular effects, a cursed item has “*Whenever you take an action involving this item, roll a DICE10. On a 6 or higher, gain a curse.”

Add to the fourth paragraph of items
“Adventueres may curse an item in their inventory, by losing a curse and that item and then gaining the cursed version of the item they lost.”

not sure how people feel about curses since the items which give them are rare. this gives people who use those items a chance to get rid of them and make those items not so detrimental.



29-03-2019 18:59:23 UTC

The problem with this is that as long as an Adventurer has a coin in their inventory, they can curse said coin, followed by scrapping the coin to gain a coin that isn’t cursed, which effectively makes gaining a Curse meaningless. The point of the Curse is to limit the use of those powerful items.
I do like the “cursed item” idea, though.


29-03-2019 22:41:34 UTC

ah. right, forgot about coins. it just seems silly that there’s a good chance of using those items 3 to 6 times and gaining 3 curses.
Maybe curses should sap AP? Losing your inventory and a turn just for having 3 of them seems rather harsh to me.

derrick: he/him

30-03-2019 10:38:24 UTC


Curses are not meant to actually trigger death. They are meant to limit the use of otherwise awesome items. The Dark Staff is a repeatable attack power 4 item, but eventually you’ll hit 2 curses and it will become useless… for you. What will others give for it? and is it worth saving for that trip to the dragon’s lair?